Mini Peach Pie Recipe

I don’t know if it’s because I’m suffering through the cold winter days or just plain love the smell of peaches, but I have been on a peach pie kick since the beginning of these chilly days in Boise. But since I’ve already tackled my Winter peach pie I figured I give my mini pie dishes a whirl now with a mini peach pie recipe from For the Love of Cooking.

You know how it is when you get a new ‘toy’ and how anxious you are to play with it? Yea well that’s how it was with me and the set of four mini pie dishes I received for Christmas from the wife.

To tell the truth, I really wanted to throw together a 9-inch pie, and actually ended up talking myself into making mini pies, but am I glad I did. Making and baking a mini pie is a little different than baking a regular sized 9-inch dish, and there are certainly things I learned on this first attempt that I’ll share below.

Ready…Let’s Do This!

Again, this was my first attempt so I opted for a relatively simple mini peach pie recipe. I scoured my favorite resource – Pinterest, and happened upon the recipe listed on For The Love of Cooking.

Although the original recipe called for a lattice pie top, since this was only going to get ‘devoured’ by yours truly, a regular pie top would do. Quickly and now almost effortlessly, I whipped together my flaky buttered pie crust and got started on mixing together the ingredients for the pie filling.

Quick Funny Note

I originally was going to throw together a berry pie of some sort, maybe another raspberry or blackberry, but when I ran to the local grocer to grab a few bags of the frozen fruit, the only thing on ‘sale’ were the frozen peaches, so long story short, I chose those. My 9yr. old daughter was accompanying me at the time, and so when my wife asked why I decided on peaches, my daughter belched out… ‘THEY WERE ON SALE!’

Anyways, per the recipe, I kicked on the oven to 350 degrees, and threw together the now ‘thawed’ peaches, white and brown sugar, cornstarch, vanilla and cinnamon in a large mixing bowl. Then I gently mixed the ingredients.

I rolled out my pie crust, and used the mini pie dishes, turned upside down to cut out enough round shapes to create top and bottom pie crust for 4 mini pie dishes. Positioning and pressing the bottom pie crusts firmly into the mini pie dishes, I then scooped enough peach filling to fill each of the 4 mini pie dishes.


Slapping on the pie crust tops, cutting a few vents and sprinkling a little nutmeg, cinnamon and sugar, I slid the four pies into the oven. I didn’t have any eggs on hand when I made the pies so I couldn’t egg wash them like I wanted but next time for sure.

I baked the pies for the 30 minutes or so, but since the top crust hadn’t browned I actually ended up keeping the pies in for at least 40 minutes give or take a few. Juice had started to bubble from the vents and some from the edges, so out they came.

Fabulous! The pies tasted wonderful, although maybe baking a little over, bubbled out more of the juices than I would of originally wanted, so although not ‘dry’ there wasn’t much juice which was kind’ve a downer. But even more than the taste (surprisingly), was the mere fact that the mini pies were THE perfect portion. Scarfing one down was no different than having a slightly larger than normal slice from a 9 inch dish.


What I’ll Do Different Next Time

Some things I will do differently next time around…

  • Egg wash. I originally wasn’t BIG on egg wash. Not that I didn’t like it but that it didn’t bother me much whether the crust was brown or not. Over the last several months of baking however, I have come to appreciate a nicely browned and golden pie crust. Now I can hardly do without it!
  • More juice. This may be more of a result of baking the pie beyond the stated 30 minutes and having some of the juice bubble out but it may be because I just didn’t have much juice to begin with. In any case, I like juice, fruit pies are juicy, and that’s just the way it is!
  • Different Filling. Lastly, as I mentioned above, I initially wanted to do a mini blackberry or raspberry pie recipe, as I am feeling after this first experience that maybe a smaller fruit for the filling would produce more juice? I don’t know for sure so I’ll have to try it out and let you know!

Here is the recipe I used on For The Love of Cooking