Strawberry Cream Pie With Graham Cracker Crust

I had no intention of making or baking any sort of pies or desserts for at least the next several weeks, but sitting here, somewhat bored (which is highly unusual for me) and itching for something sweet, I decided, screw that, I’m gonna make something. But what?

cream001I didn’t want to tackle some of my more ‘comfortable’ dishes, meaning that I’ve made these so many times It’s become almost second nature now. Those would be my cherry and blackberry pie dishes. Don’t get me wrong, I can make and eat one of those each week (poor midsection), but if I am to grow as a pie baker, I had to broaden my horizons. So with that in mind, I decided to get after it, and step outside my comfort zone and make a Strawberry Cream Pie.

My recipe of choice was the Strawberry Cream Pie dish posted by Tina at ‘Just Putzing Around the Kitchen.’

Yea I know, it’s not Summer when you’d normally make something like this, but I figured I could use this as a test run, in preparation for perhaps a July 4th Strawberry Cream Pie celebration?

Tina’s recipe was the obvious choice for a couple reasons.

One – Thanks to her wonderful photographs, it looked fantastic!

Two – Because this was somewhat of a last second Friday night decision, her recipe also look really simple and quick to put together. SOLD!

Nobody Told Me Cream Pies Were So Fun?

What surprised me the most about putting the Strawberry Cream Pie together was how much fun I would have? I had never made a cream pie, and because these were sooooo very different from my typical fruit pie, I was like a kid with a new chemistry set!

cream002Mixing together the ingredients and then using the hand mixer (using tools are SO COOL! Yes, I am a man!), to whip the heavy cream and then the cream cheese mixture was beyond words exciting. Sounds weird but watching this concoction come together then whisking a glob onto my finger to taste, was the most fun in the kitchen I have had dilly dallying with food in a long while.

Scooping my mixture into a pre-prepared graham cracker crust dish, smoothing it out and then gently layering it with fresh strawberries was the icing on the cak…er…pie literally. It just topped off a wonderful experience making my first cream pie.

I stuck with the recipe for the most part, only straying from Tina’s wonderful process when I saw that I had many strawberries left and thought a little extra on top was the ONLY right thing to do!

As first attempts go, this one was a great start, to what I know will be a relentless quest to perfection! Now where’s my fork!


Valentines Day Pictures From Shoshone Falls

Valentine’s Day. A day many women look forward to and many men dread. I can tell you, as a married man, the day holds a special kind of foreboding, and one that I soooo don’t look forward to. For me personally, I really do try my best to ‘one-up’ what I did the previous year, and that often times takes some creativity and research weeks before that dreadful day!

My wife is not one for big and lavish gifts. Of course, she wouldn’t mind it, but for her, just ‘doing something different or new’ holds just as much importance as some lavish and gaudy piece of jewelry or gadget. So what to do!

Over the Summer we had taken an exciting and more importantly ‘uneventful’ family vacation road trip that took us from Boise, to Las Vegas, across to California and Disneyland, up the coast to Santa Barbara, the Monterrey Bay Aquarium through Reno and back home. The wife especially had a good time on our short jaunt through Vegas so I decided early on to make Valentine Day reservations for one night in Jackpot, Nevada, just 2 hours south of Boise. Perfect!

Shoshone Falls to put on a Valentines Day show

The day before Valentine’s Day, the local news station put out this additional tidbit of information that Idaho Power would be releasing additional water into Shoshone Falls, creating a most spectacular sight for the day. Again PERFECT! Shoshone Falls was on the way to Jackpot, plus my wife nor I have never been. SWEET!! Shoshone Falls was added to the day’s events.

Valentine’s Day
We left Boise on Valentine’s Day afternoon, and our 9yr old daughter in the capable hands of her older college-aged brothers, and made our way briskly to Twin Falls, Idaho and down narrow cliff-side roads to the majestic Shoshone Falls. Being our very first time visiting the falls, and on a day such as this when the water spilled down steep cliffs in tsunami sized fashion, it was the perfect choice for us and my wife.

Valentines Day Pictures of Shoshone Falls


Valentines day pictures

Jackpot, Nevada

Jackpot Nevada
Jackpot isn’t much to gawk at. A small border ‘outpost’ situated in the middle of nowhere just across the Idaho state line into Nevada. It boasts an awe inspiring 4 or so small casinos, with the largest being Cactus Pete’s.

Although my gambling ‘luck’ was as dismall as the ninth plane of Hell, the wife’s luck on this most awesome of days for her couldn’t of been any better as she won literally ‘hundreds’ on the slots, which ended up capping off Valentine’s Day on as high as note as could be conjured.

And with that, another successful Valentine’s Day was in the books, but I KNOW I couldn’t of been the only ‘lucky’ soul out there to survive this day unscathed. Let’s hear from you? How did Valentine’s Day go on your end?