Easy to Make Meringue Topping for Pies

I have made more cream pies in the last 6 or 7 months than I have made or eaten in the last 10 years. No doubt that my Pie Baking ventures have taken me to parts unknown and both far and wide. And one of the specifics that I have had to learn during this time is how to make a Meringue Topping.

What was surprising was how easy and quick it was to make a Meringue Topping. With ‘EASY’ and ‘QUICK’ being the operative words here! Because we all know how much OTHER preparation goes into putting together a pie dish, especially a cream pie, so anywhere in the process where you can limit the time it take to make something is great!

Where did I do to pick this most important of skills up? Better Homes and Gardens!

Better Homes and Gardens has a wonderfully SIMPLE, step-by-step, instructional list of what to do to whip up a quick, light meringue topping that melts in your mouth and adds a wonder flavor and texture to your fruit or pie dish.

Not to take any credit away from Better Homes and Gardens – if you would like to bookmark this quick and easy Meringue Topping recipe for your next pie dish, see – How to Make Meringue Topping for Pies on Better Homes and Gardens.

Last Note…

If you get a chance to make this recipe, come on back to The Pie Addict and in the comments below, let me know how it turned out, what you found easy or more difficult. We would love to share that with other readers! Happy Baking!

Quick and Easy Desserts: Blackberry & Lemon Mascarpone Galette

Weeks of travel both for business, fun (Salt Lake City Comic-Con) and ferrying my 10yr. old daughter around to various soccer tournaments in the Pacific Northwest had taken me away from the kitchen for far too long. Through Hell or high water I was determined to whip something up. But again, with a business trip fast approaching, I wanted to throw something together that was easy, quick, tasted great but different than anything I had before. The answer? A Blackberry and Lemon Mascarpone Galette!

Blackberry and Lemon Mascarpone Galette

Surprise! Here be Blackberries!

I knew I wanted something sweet. I knew I NEEDED something sweet and the tubs of vanilla and cookies and cream ice cream in the freezer weren’t going to cut it. I knew after several weeks drought, that I needed pie or some derivative of pie, like IMMEDIATELY!

I had two glorious bags of frozen blackberries leftover from my last pie venture, so I absolutely wanted to use those in whatever dish I decided on. I had the materials on hand to mix together some pastry, so the crust was covered. I didn’t want to make a blackberry pie. Well, that’s a lie, OF COURSE I wanted to make a blackberry pie, but I wanted to make something different. My mom had just recently sent me a set of ornately crafted deep dish pie dishes that I was anxious to use, but pie, today anyways, seemed like a little too much. After all, whatever I made would have to get devoured before I left the following week on a business trip, so maybe pie was a little overboard. I had made a berry Galette not long ago, and that proved to be both fast and easy to whip up in no time, so a GALETTE was definitely front and center.

To the BAT CAVE! Actually, off to PINTEREST!

Blackberry & Lemon Mascarpone Galette

Lemon zestA quick search for ‘Galettes’ brought up a wide assortment of both savory and fruit dishes that whisked by in a blur as I scrolled furiously down the search results until I settled on the prize! A Blackberry and Lemon Mascarpone Galette by Sheryl over at Lady Behind the Curtain.

This was perfect. I wanted a dish that utilized the blackberries I had on hand. I wanted something fast and easy – A Galette AND I wanted something new, which this dish DEFINITELY addressed!

A Blackberry and Lemon Mascarpone Galette.

It wasn’t long before my daughter got wind of what I was doing in the kitchen and like a vulture, ‘nested’ on one of the nearby bar stools, where she could watch my preparations. Before she could settle into her perch, I quickly informed her that what I was making, she would not like. I knew this because of previous dishes involving mascarpone cheese which she was not a fan of. She pouted, gave me scowl and ‘flew away.’

Oh well, too bad so sad…ON WE GO! 🙂

Quick To Make, Quicker to Scarf Down!

Quick and easy desserts
Throwing together a simple flaky, butter crust had become second nature, so I barely even noticed my hands at work, getting that together and into the fridge to chill in no time. Blackberries were measured out (with a bit more than the recipe called for – I’m heavy handed when it comes to my fruit filling!) and tossed with sugar in a bowl then set aside. The real fun came next though…

The mascarpone cheese, softened and scooped out, was mixed up with sugar and lemon zest. Finally got use my new Lemon Zester from Amazon! Worked beautifully, of course.

Final touches were simple and quick.

I rolled out my dough, spread my now ‘lemon mascarpone’ across the the flattened dough, then spooned out heaping mounds of juicy, dark blackberries right into the center. In true Galette fashion, I then gently folded up the edges around the dish, leaving only the center exposed, threw on an egg wash and popped it into the oven for 45min.

The results were astounding. The crust was browned and flaky, the berries slightly sweetened and tart, and the all of it lazily laid upon on a bed of creamy, lemon mascarpone.

If Quick and Easy Desserts is what you’re looking for, then this Blackberry & Lemon Mascarpone Galette is just the thing you need!

See the official recipe and preparation instructions here at Lady Behind the Curtain