My 3 Most Popular Pies Made in 2016

Well 2016 is nearly over and as I look back on my experiences with baking pie for a full year, I can honestly say I have learned A LOT! I have learned how to use different tools and appliances, different techniques, different ingredients and recipes. What I have also learned is that there are certain pies which have become an extremely popular request from family friends and acquaintances. Want to know what Popular Pies everyone has been craving? Come on in.

Popular Pies in 2016

The Skillet Apple Pie

popular pies
No pie has been more popular than my Skillet Apple Pie. ‘As American as Apple Pie’ is an understatement in this household, as more ‘Granny Smith’ apples have perished, in the making of this fantastically flavorful dish, in my kitchen than any other.

I have made these pies for events, for birthdays, for pot lucks, and just because. And these are requests that are made from friends and associates to both myself and my wife from both our ‘daytime’ working jobs. Word gets around and when people want pie, the Skillet Apple Pie has been the most popular of my Popular Pies throughout the year!

Strawberries & Cream Pie

popular pies
What started out as my daughter’s HANDS-DOWN favorite pie of all-time, has quickly ascended the ranks to become my second-most requested of my Popular Pies of 2016. Forget the notion that this is the perfect pie for those hot Summer days. I have made this Pie in every changing season from Summer and all the way through the single digit temps of the Winter (In Boise, Idaho anyways).

Triple Berry Pie

popular pies
Everyone loves berries. My family’s favorites has steadily rested upon my Blackberry Pie, but outside the home, the fan favorite has been the Triple berry (or, Mixed Berry) pie recipe.

Taking all three of nature’s magnificent creations – blackberries, raspberries and blueberries and allowing us to throw them together under one warm, buttery crust blanket. It’s relatively plain (as the above mentioned popular pies go…), but no less delicious. It’s a good thing too, that these are relatively simple to make, since I have made a BUNCH of them over 2016 and I anticipate many, MANY more to come in 2017.

How to Keep Pie Crust from Shrinking

How to Keep Pie Crust from Shrinking? To understand this, let’s first touch on the process of blind baking. Blind baking a pie crust is essentially baking just the bottom pie crust. Why would you do something like this?

Blind baking insures that the pie shell gets baked all the way through – which in turn prevents the bottom of the crust from getting soggy. You would blind bake a pie crust when the pie recipe calls for a filling that doesn’t need to be cooked, such as chocolate pudding or pastry cream and fresh fruit.

The trick with blind baking however, is since there is no filling to take up the space in the pie dish, the pie crust tends to shrink as it bakes. this of course, presents a number of problems.

So, how to keep pie crust from shrinking? There are a couple methods you can use, to blind bake a pie crust and not have it shrink, one of which is a pretty common method of addressing this. Using PIE WEIGHTS.

You could use dried beans to act as a ‘weight’, and keep the pie crust down OR you can purchase specialty-crafted, PIE WEIGHTS from that you can use over and over again, each and every time you blind bake that work very good as well.

The second method I would recommend is one described in the video below by Christopher Kimball, where he creates a no-shrink pie dough. See for your self below…

How to Make Christopher Kimball’s No-Shrink Pie Dough

11 Essential Tools For The Perfect Pie Crust

The perfect pie crust. There are many who would argue that the most important part of a pie is the crust. And I’m not just talking about the taste and texture of the crust but the look or ‘presentation of the pie crust as well. There are a number of techniques and tips I can offer with regards to ‘shaping’ and forming pie crusts in decorative works of art, but that is for another day and time! What I’ve listed below are a number of ESSENTIAL pie pastry tools, every aspiring and practicing pie baker should have, in their kitchen, to assist them in not only making a magnificent pie, but also the PERFECT PIE CRUST.

Most importantly, is that I either own or have tried each and every pie crust tool on this list, so I can speak from some aspect of experience at having at least used these tools in some capacity.

So without further ado, here are 11 tools for the perfect pie crust:


pastry-blenderOrblue Pastry Cutter Stainless Steel
Superior Quality - The Professional Dough Blender is engineered from stainless steel construction so it will NOT break, bend or rust. This pastry cutter was meticulously designed to serve you for years and decades to come.

Effortless Mixing - This pastry blender with blades quickly cut butter or margarine into dry ingredients such as flour, sugar or baking powder, combining a set of wet and dry ingredients seamlessly so you can bake your pie crust or cookie like a boss.

Check Current Pricing


lattice-dough-cutterPrince Lattice Dough Cutter
Arranging a lattice crust is not difficult. It may at first look quite challenging, but after you've done it a few times, you'll see it really isn't too tough. That being said, there are pretty nifty tools like this lattice dough cutter, that I have used a few times already, that can make things easier and quicker.

Definitely a useful item to have on the shelf, to try out from time to time.

Check Current Pricing

nordic-pie-cutterNordic Ware Lattice & Hearts Pie Top Cutter
My mother one day surprised me, with the Nordic Ware Lattice & Hearts Pie Top Cutter. I hadn't really been looking at getting into decorative pie crusts initially as I was still learning the trade. But over time when I started to venture into more creative recipes and presentation, this hearts pie crust cutter became a much more valuable piece of equipment.

I'll tell you what, the designs you can make are really quite cool, especially after you have baked the pie.

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wilton-pie-crust-cutterWilton Double Cut Out Pie Crust Cutters
Like the Nordic Ware item above, these decorative pie crust cutters only add to the deliciousness of your pie dish by sprucing up the top crust some. I use these quite often actually when I'm making pies for events, or special occasions. Nice when you have some dough scraps to put to good use.

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marble pastry boardFox Run White Marble Pastry Board
I got my marble pastry board shortly after I purchased the marble rolling pin. No, I didn't need a matching set. I liked the fact that the marble enables these tools to stay cold, which is EVERYTHING when it comes to working with pie pastry in an efficient manner. The marble board coupled with my rolling pin made keeping pie pastry cold amazingly easy.

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pastry shieldTalisman Designs Adjustable Pie Crust Shield
Your pie crust edges will be the first to burn and crisp up when baking, so its in your best interest to not let that happen. You could try the cheap and relatively crude method of wrapping some foil around the edges or the REAL easy way by using a pie shield. I've used both methods and I'll you what, the pie shield is quick and easy and inexpensive. Trust me, I've used both.

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Easy No-Mess Pie Crust Maker BagMrs. Anderson’s Baking Easy No-Mess Pie Crust Maker Bag
I would almost consider Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Easy No-Mess Pie Crust Maker Bag cheating, but really, can it be considered 'cheating' when your pie crust is PERFECTLY measured in size and thickness to make that most awesome of pie recipes? I didn't know what a pie bag was until I picked this up and tried it. Very very cool!

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Pie WeightsPerfect Crust Pie Stainless Steel Weight Chain
Pre-baking (baking blind) pie crust is quite the common act for the aspiring and avid pie baker. I must admit, I used to use dried beans when I first started out, but have since 'upped' my pie baking game by using this weight chain. I like how you can 'shape' it much better than a mound of beans. When you're ready to start really making things look good, this is a good substitute to have over dried beans for pre-baking.

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pastry scraperOXO Good Grips Multi-purpose Stainless Steel Scraper
I consider my pastry cutter to be one of the most indispensable pie pastry tools in my kitchen. I don't entirely know what they're SUPPOSED to be used for, but I use them to scrap dough from my rolling pin, scoop up pastry from my pastry board and mat, break up dough, you name it. A great organizational and 'clean-up' tool that's for sure.

I have several on-hand but I like my Orblue because of the grip. Just extra assurance when your hands have butter, or flour or some other slippery substance on them.

Check Current Pricing


Rolling PinMarble Rolling Pin and Base, White
How many rolling pins do you have in your kitchen? Be honest now! And don't be ashamed if you have several, obtained over the many years you have been honing your pie baking craft! I have several, with one being this marble beauty! It's heavy, which I like as you don't have to exert so much energy rolling out pie pastry, and its cool surface is nice to help prevent your dough sticking to it.

In fact, if you toss it in the freezer for 15-20min before using, that's even better.

Check Current Pricing

french rolling pinThe Original French Rolling Pin
Like many pie bakers (and homemade pizza connoisseurs...), I started my pie baking adventures using a standard CLASSIC wooden rolling pin. It's what my mom used and so naturally that is what I adopted. Since that time however, I have since migrated to the French style rolling pin, which although challenging at first, has proven to give me much more control over rolling out pie dough.

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Pie Baking Practice Makes Perfect

Keep moving forward. It’s a great MANTRA that I’ve used time and time again, and one, that I picked up from an a animated film, and family favorite in the home – Meet The Robinsons. The quote was used throughout the film, which originated with none other than Walt Disney. It essentially means, through thick and thin, through challenges and turmoil, through absolute screw-ups in the kitchen…KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Well tonight, this was my guiding light as I used what little free time I had to practice on some things I needed practice on. Let the Pie Baking begin!

Nobody’s perfect and even the great cooks and bakers online, more times than I can count, often explain in great detail their screw ups, mess ups, and mishaps in the kitchen, that they tend to make but learn from. Every baker has to contend with these ‘demons’ and every baker’s demons are different in some respect. For me, my demons baking pie have been revolved around – thickening.

A few weeks ago my mother informed me that she had purchased both she and I another pie baking book – The Art of The Pie, by Kate McDermott – a FANTASTIC book by the way, hefty in pages, recipes and the photos – oh my Lord! Yesterday the book arrived on my doorstep and I couldn’t wait to tear through it.

I maybe only got 20 pages in, before I came upon a couple small THICKENING tips that I couldn’t wait to incorporate into my next pie.

I had until next weekend to practice since we had a big, end of the summer BBQ coming up with a group of family friends. Can you say PORK CARNITAS? And since I managed to find some free time this Saturday evening, I decided now would be as good as time as any to ‘try my hand’ at some of these VERY SUBTLE, but potentially game changing tips, to help me thicken up my pie fillings.

I choose a REALLY simple Triple Berry Pie recipe on KNEAD TO COOK, to practice with, one because it was simple, but also because I had the ingredients already on-hand. Another HUGE plus!


Pie filling. I love to really ‘stuff’ my pies with every ounce of pie filling that I can, It doesn’t matter if I’m making a blackberry pie, raspberry pie, triple berry pie or apple pie, I stuff every last piece of fruit ‘under the DOUGH hood.’ If there’s anything leftover in the bowl above and beyond what the recipe called for, I find a way to add them to the party. But I was going about this all wrong, or so I thought.

In Art of the Pie, Kate mentions on more than one occasion that when she spoons in the pie filling, she doesn’t pile it up to the rim the of the pie dish as I ALWAYS seem to do. She instead only fills up the pie dish a half inch below the rim of the pie dish.

When I read this, my first thought was – that doesn’t seem like a lot of pie filling? A half inch below the rim?

But who was I to question a baking aficionado like Kate. So like a good little ‘padawan’ learner (pardon my Geekness in using a Star Wars term…), I followed in step, only filling up my pie dish to below the rim.


My pie fillings are sometimes runny. Not super runny, but ‘runnier’ than I would like. It’s one of my pet peeves and one in which I constantly struggle to resolve, on a consistent basis. Sometimes a pie comes out after cooling, near perfect, and other times I shake my hand in bewilderment as to what went wrong. My ‘PIE GAME’ isn’t consistent and THAT ladies and gents is why I continue to lose what little hair I still have left!

When pie baking, I have made pies using frozen fruits and fresh fruit. The fresh fruit seem to be juicer than the frozen, but that doesn’t always seem to be the case. The frozen fruit I like to thaw and then use in my pies, and have had mixed results with those as well.

What I haven’t tried was using frozen fruit, without thawing first. I read that it is better to use frozen fruit, as is, and place it in the pie dish just after mixing in whatever other ingredients the recipe called for. Using frozen fruit in this manner was said to keep the juiciness of the pie under check. Sounded like a plan to me.


I tend to roll out my homemade pie pastry just a little too thin. I try not to, but when I roll, the pastry just never seems large enough to cover the pie dish and leave some overhang for forming the edges. So, I roll and I roll big.

Well, I shouldn’t be doing that. So I rolled out tonight’s pie pastry about a 1/4 inch thick (more or less). Anxious and very curious to see how this bakes out while also HOPEFULLY helping to keep my pie filling juices in check.


The finished product was….not what I expected.

pie baking

When I removed the pie from the oven, I could see through through the glass pie plate that my bottom crust was browned, as was the top crust. I did have concern when I saw that the juice bubbling on top was a little ‘thin’, and that concern was rightfully so. I let the pie cool and rest through the evening.

Morning came, and I was eager to see the results. With a hot cup of joe in hand I excitedly cut into the pie, the juice bubbling up around the knife. I lifted a good portioned slice to my plate and I could see right away that the juice wasn’t thickened hardly at all. This pie baking exercise was already starting off on the wrong foot. UGH!

The flavor was good, and the thickened crust definitely was a plus, and one that I will repeat again, but the pie filling was as juicy as ever and not what I intended. Maybe I didn’t put in enough corn starch? Maybe I should have thawed the frozen fruit and drained off as much as the juice as possible? Maybe, maybe, maybe….

Oh well, definitely some things to take away from this pie baking experiment, and nothing to get down on, that’s for sure. Every exercise like this is a learning lesson and makes me that much better the next go-round. You’ll see! Here’s to THE NEXT PIE! Cheers!

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

14 Oreo Cookie Pie Dishes | Quick & Easy To Make

Who doesn’t like Oreo cookies? How about oreo cookie pie? Even if the ‘waistline’ can’t handle devouring oreo cookies like we ALL did back in the day, you gotta admit, that somewhere in your youthful days you remember woofing those down. I have to come clean – I’ll be the first to declare that I haven’t eaten an oreo for some time. BUT, if you were to crush and mix oreo cookies into a cool, creamy pie dish or pie crust, I’d be first in line to get a mouthful, as I’m guessing, many of you would?

But don’t fret, I have 11 of the most delicious and SIMPLE to make oreo cookie pie recipes listed right here, for your consumption pleasure, should you wish to reminisce about the younger years!

Oreo Cookie Pie Recipes

oreo cookie pieNo-Bake Oreo Pie
Beth over at THE FIRST YEAR has put together a masterpiece and all-star ingredient list for this No-Bake Oreo Cookie Pie - Oreo crust, oreo cream cheese filling, chocolate ganache and topped with oreos.
This is definitely a recipe you walk into REALLY LIKING oreo cookies!
Heavenly Oreo Cookie Pie DessertHeavenly Oreo Dessert
Holly's about description on her site - LIFE IN THE LOFTHOUSE reads "...loves to create easy and delicious recipes." You got that right! Think Double-Stuffed Oreo cookies, chocolate pudding and cream cheese and go from there!
Peanut Butter Oreo PiePeanut Butter Oreo Cookie Pie
Are you serious? No-bake creamy peanut butter pie, with crushed Oreos, on top of an Oreo crust? Oreos AND Peanut Butter? I'm DONE! Total cook and prep time comes in a little over two hours, though I'm sure the wait will be worth it! Recipe from Taylor at GREENS & CHOCOLATE
Oreo Loves PieOreo Loves Pie
Danielle at TODAY'S THE BEST DAY had initially started with a more basic version of this pie over at KRAFT's site and has since AMP'd the deliciousness and look of that original recipe a hundred-fold. One of the highlights? This pie only needs 5 ingredients!
Oreo Overload Ice Cream PieOreo Overload Ice Cream Pie
Supposedly according to Julie at GLITTER & GOULASH this deep dish creamy icy delight only takes 15min to whip together? This doesn't account for some extended chill time in the freezer, but still, definitely a last minute dessert alternative yea?
Ooey Gooey Oreo Cookie PieOoey Gooey Oreo Pie
Straight from Ashton over at SOMETHING SWANKY - "If you’re an Oreo lover or a chocolate lover or a pie lover or anything in between– this pie is for you. It is intensely chocolate, packed with Oreos, and is the fudgiest thing you’ve ever laid your fork on." Embellish with hot fidge and vanilla ice cream and next thing you know, half the pie will be polished off before morning!
Lemon Oreo Icebox PieLemon Oreo Icebox Pie
Made with a lemon OREO crust, filled with a creamy lemon filling and topped with more crunchy lemon OREO cookies, Erin at DELIGHTFUL-E-MADE has set herself apart from the field of other delicious pie dishes by changing the game and using a rarely seen (and tasted) lemon oreo cookie. I have to admit, I really really would like to try this...
Oreo Snickers PieOreo Snickers Pie
Although the recipe from Kristyn at LIL' LUNA makes this list because of the oreo cookie pie crust, this recipe has sooooo much more to offer that you would really only discover AFTER you've cut into it. The magic of this recipe lies within!
No-Bake Chocolate Oreo Cookie PieNo-Bake Chocolate Oreo Pie
This pie is chocolate on chocolate on chocolate and according to Ashley at BAKER BY NATURE, not for the faint of heart. The first layer is a simple no-bake Oreo crust, which is topped with a chocolate ganache filling, which gets sprinkled with a full layer of crushed cookies. Rich, creamy, decadence in every bite! You can almost taste it right after reading this!
No Bake Oreo Cream PieNo-Bake Oreo Cream Pie
If you're a cookie and cream pie lover you won't want to miss out on giving this recipe a shot from Nikki at CHEF IN TRAINING - an easy homemade Oreo crust with a delicious creamy center and topped with whipped cream and chocolate.
Oreo Slab PieOreo Slab Pie
An oreo cookie slab pie by PILLSBURY. Cream cheese, whipping cream, crushed oreo cookies and hot fudge topping. It doesn't get much simpler than that does it? Also looks like you could feed an army so make sure you bring this to a good-sized event or gathering
No-Bake Chocolate Mint Oreo Cookie PieNo-Bake Chocolate Mint Oreo Cookie Pie
Thank you Kelly for bringing the Chocolate Mint recipe into the fray! Kelly at LIFE MADE SWEETER brings her 'A' game with a No Bake Chocolate Mint Oreo Pie, made with an easy Oreo cookie pie crust filled with a creamy cheesecake filling. Only takes just 10 minutes of prep at that!
3 Ingredient Frozen Oreo Cookie Pie3 Ingredient Frozen Oreo Cookie Pie
From Sharla and THE CHAOS AND THE CLUTTER comes a pie dish that would work equally well for dessert after supper or at a birthday party. And it just takes 3 INGREDIENTS!
Oreo Ice Cream PieOreo Ice Cream Pie
Maegan with THE BAKER MAMA and her Oreo ice cream pie loaded with crushed Oreos, chopped pecans and plenty of chocolate syrup to sanctify any sweet tooth. With this list of goodies in the mix I wouldn't dare argue with her. The presentation alone would have party goers circling the food table all night long!

A little bit from everything in this list of Oreo Cookie Pies from some of the best and most creative bakers across the Web, here, all in one place, on THE PIE ADDICT! From cream pies to ice cream pies, to regular, double stuffed and lemon oreo cookies, if you take the time to work your way down this list of recipes you will of covered a portion of the oreo cookie pies out there.

But as always, if you know of a recipe that defies all logic and deliciousness that you don’t see on this list, by all means let me know in the comment section and i’ll be sure to review and amend this list if necessary!

Happy Pie Baking!

Corporate Dining

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A Huckleberry Recipe For You

You thought Idaho and potatoes were synonymous, try Idaho and huckleberries! Now I’ve had huckleberry pancakes (by the way, there’s a whole story surrounding these involving breakfast, a big track and field competition and winning a conference championship, but that’s for another time) and huckleberry syrup before, but I have never tasted nor had the opportunity to make a Huckleberry recipe like a Huckleberry pie, until now.

Did You Know…

That the huckleberry was designated the official state fruit of Idaho in 2000? In fact, Fourth-grade idaho huckleberriesstudents from Southside Elementary School in Bonner County proposed adopting the huckleberry as Idaho’s state fruit. Here’s a little more background on Idaho Huckleberries to get you up to speed.

The most common and popular is the black or thin-leaved huckleberry (Vaccinium membranaceum). Black huckleberries usually grow from 1 to 6 feet tall (taking up to 15 years to reach full maturity) with berries up to 1/2 inch in diameter. Black huckleberries produce single plump, dark purple berries in the axils of leaves on new shoots.

You HAVE to bake what’s growing in your backyard. And by ‘backyard’ I mean, what’s growing within your state. For you, it may be peaches (Georgia), or blackberries (Alabama or Kentucky) or apples (New York), but for me it’s huckleberries.

huckleberry recipe

I had been longing to put together a huckleberry recipe for as long as I have lived in Idaho and have just never got around to doing it. They grow wild all over the state, and when people find them, they covet the their location as if guarding a state secret – returning to that ‘secret’ location year after year to pick huckleberries. Grocery stores don’t carry them, but you can find them at corner outdoor markets all the time, for a pretty penny.

The particular market I found my huckleberries at were selling them at $18 a lbs (Ouch!) and I bought 3 lbs. worth. It was a ‘painful’ purchase but one I HAD to make.

Getting the huckleberries cleaned and prepped was both simple and challenging. They have tiny stems on them that you want to try to get off, but unless you want to spend hours doing so, you really just do the best that you can, when washing them. You won’t really notice them in the final product, but every now and then you will get a few. No biggie, but just something to be aware of.

huckleberry pie recipe

As I mentioned earlier, I had had huckleberry recipes before (pancakes, etc), but had never had a huckleberry recipe that had so many…..huckleberries, if that makes sense. In other words, eating a mouthful of sweetened huckleberries as opposed to a few speckled in pancakes. What I discovered is that it did require and acquired taste and that I could only eat so much (not nearly the size portions of pie that I could devour when it came to an apple or blackberry pie). So also be aware of that.

But, having said that, the pie did turn out wonderful. It was juicy, and the crust and huckleberries were fantastic when taken together. If I could describe the taste of a huckleberry, I’d say it tasted a bit like a blueberry with a somewhat different after taste. But you need to try it for yourself as everything tastes different to different folks.

huckleberry recipe

Below is a simple and quick Huckleberry Pie recipe for you. Like any pie, there are a lot of different ways to put them together, so continue to seek out and try different huckleberry recipes when you can.

Huckleberry Pie Recipe

Flaky Butter Pie Crust (any recipe will do, or you can just use mine!)

5½ cups fresh huckleberries, picked over (as best you can), rinsed and patted dry
1 cup granulated sugar
3 Tbs. light brown sugar
2 Tbs. fresh lemon juice
4 Tbs. minute tapioca (I used as is, or you can grind up for a finer texture)
⅛ tsp. ground cinnamon
¼ tsp. freshly ground nutmeg
⅛ tsp. salt

1 egg
1 Tbs. water


  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees
  2. In a large bowl, combine the huckleberries, granulated sugar, brown sugar, lemon juice, tapioca, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt. Carefully stir and turn the mixture until well combined. Set aside for at least 15 minutes so the tapioca can get soft and the sugar dissolves.
  3. Roll out one disk of refrigerated pie dough, to about ⅛ inches thick, and about 12 inches in diameter. Place dough into a 9 inch pie dish. Place the dish into the refrigerator while you roll out the dough for the top. Roll the top out to the same thickness.
  4. Pour the filling into the pie shell, then carefully cover with the second pie crust you rolled out. Trim where necessary and crimp the edges. Lightly brush with egg wash and sprinkle with turbinado sugar.
  5. Bake at 450 degrees for 20 minutes. Turn the heat down to 350 degrees and bake for an additional 30-60 minutes (I baked for the entire 60min….it helped with cutting back the juices). The time always varies! Just bake until the filling is bubbling. Cover the edges with aluminum foil or a pie shield if it’s getting too brown. Let cool completely before cutting or you’ll have some serious juice to contend with when you cut into it!

Tools Used

french rolling pinIt took me a few pies to get the hang of my French Rolling Pin, but when I did, I felt as if I had more ‘control’ when rolling out dough, so that it’s the right thickness. Try one out. They’re inexpensive and nice to have when you want to show off.

You can pick them at any local kitchen supply store I’m sure or here on Amazon for $13.49.


State Symbols USA – Idaho

Bourbon Banana Cream Pie Recipe

Before we talk a most delicious Bourbon Banana Cream Pie Recipe I hope everyone had a fabulous Spring Break and Easter Day Sunday. The family and I spent the wonderful day as we always have for the last several years hunting for Easter eggs and feasting on good food with some good, long-time family friends.

Easter Sunday

As the weather had been of late, it was unseasonably mild, with little to no wind but with the occasional light drizzle of rain from overhead. It wasn’t warm but it wasn’t cold either. A good looking day for the most part.


For the Easter day feast, by special request from our hosts, I was asked to see if I could throw together a pie. One request was to see if I could make a berry pie. The other for a Banana Cream Pie. Not a problem. I made BOTH!

If you didn’t already know, I’m not big on Banana Cream Pies, so whenever I got the opportunity to make one, I always get a little excited. It’s a pie I wouldn’t normally make on my own (no one else in my household eats it either), but it is a very popular dish that I would love to get good at making.

Mixed Berry Pie

Just coming off having made a Mixed Berry Cream Pie for my daughter’s 11th birthday not a week or so ago, I had BERRIES on the brain still, so when I got the request to make a ‘berry pie’, a Mixed Berry Pie immediately came to mind.

Either I’m getting a little better at the ‘pie-making’ process , a little more adept, or a little more efficient, because making this Mixed Berry Pie was exceedingly simple and quick. It does help that this particular recipe is as easy as they come when it comes to pies, but STILL, I was somewhat surprised at how fast I was able to bring it together – all while simultaneously making the Bourbon Banana Cream Pie Recipe below.

mixed berry cream pie recipe

The process was quick.

I had already grabbed a 48oz bag of frozen mixed berries (a lot more than you need for this recipe actually) from the local Albertsons grocery store the day before (and had thawed them out for the most part before I used them – they had just a hint of frost to them), AND made my pie pastry a couple hours before (which was chilling up nicely in the fridge). I had the oven preheated to 425 degrees, and in no time was running through prep. First the ingredients…


Pie crust (enough for a double 9″ pie)
A couple 16oz bags of frozen mixed berries (blackberries,raspberries and blueberries). Or one BIG 48oz bag like I got. Will probably use the remaining berries for a Galette or something.
1 cup of white sugar
1/4 cup of cornstarch (I added just a bit more, maybe a tablespoon just because these pies tend to juice up pretty good. I have found that ‘thickening’ pie juice really varies on a number of factors, so you may have to play with amounts here)
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of cinnamon & nutmeg (to sprinkle on top of pie)


Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

Use a wire whisk combine sugar and cornstarch in a mixing bowl.

Add mixed berries to the sugar/cornstarch mixture and toss gently to coat all berries. Try to not to ‘break up’ the berries if you can.

Roll out the bottom of your pie pastry, place in the pie dish.

Scoop the berry mix into the bottom pie crust and sprinkle with lemon juice.

Roll out the pie pastry for the top and gently situate on top of the berry filled pie dish.

Pinch edges and cut a few slits into top. Brush with an egg or milk wash. Sprinkle with Cinnammon and nutmeg (maybe even some sugar if you want)

Bake pie in over for 20min, then turn pie and continue baking for another 10min.

Turn the oven down to 375 degrees and continue baking pie until the crust starts to brown up and the filling begins to bubble through the slit vents. (cover areas that look like they are getting overly browned with tin foil or a pie shield). I didn’t clock this segment of the baking, but I did keep a watchful on it until it just started to brown and juices began to ooze out.

Remove pie from oven and let cool 30-60 minutes before serving. BOOM!

As you can see, a simple enough process, quick and not too labor intensive. Thank goodness too, because the real work was just around the counter top, where the ingredients for my Bourbon Banana Cream Pie patiently awaited my arrival!

Bourbon Banana Cream Pie

bourbon banana cream pie

Run a quick Google search for Banana Cream Pies and you’ll find a zillion different and creative ways at putting together this popular pie dish. But being the ‘spirited’ chap I am, any pie recipe with a bit ‘more Oomph’ added to the recipe is a pie after my own heart, which long story short is how I happened upon this wonderful Bourbon Banana Cream Pie Recipe by Sarah at The Woks of Life.


These pies are soooooo freakin’ fun to make, especially when creating things like your own bourbon-infused vanilla pudding and whipped topping. The Bourbon scent is so powerful, and mixed with the creamy goodness of the pudding and whipped topping, before even tasting these ingredients, you get the sense that you’re making something special. I definitely will be using the Bourbon-laden whipped topping on other pie dishes that’s for certain!

bourbon banana cream pie recipe

Although I’m not a Banana Cream Pie fan, I did take the opportunity to taste a generous helping of the Bourbon-made vanilla pudding and whipped topping and OMG, amazing flavor doesn’t even begin to touch this.

I like to give credit where credit is do, so to get this wonderful recipe and instructions for making, please head over to The Woks of Life, and find all the information on making this pie there. And if you remember, in the comments over there, if you can mention that you found the recipe here at the Pie Addict, I would greatly appreciate it!

Superbowl, Friends, Good Food & Triple Berry Pie

Superbowl 50 is officially ‘in the books’ as they say, with the Denver Broncos and the venerable Peyton Manning winning in convincing fashion over Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. The professional football season has come to a celebratory end, and what a finale it was with the evening spent watching the big match with friends, great food and mouth-watering PIE!

berry pie

As it was with any gathering, I typically liked to use these opportunities as a taste-testing ground for my latest ‘spirited’ pie recipe, and what better event than Superbowl to bring a bourbon or whiskey-made dessert? But, since I was sure there’d be plenty of good drink to be had, and the since many of us had to work the next day (UGH!), I decided to whip together something equally as flavorful (sans the alcohol) – A Triple Berry Pie.

triple berry pie

A Triple Berry Pie combines the best of the berries that I love – Blackberries, Raspberries and Blueberries, so I had confidence that there was very little that could go wrong (fingers crossed). And all this laid snug under a soft, cover of my ‘go-to’ favorite – homemade, flaky buttered crust. It was more-or-less a relatively ‘safe’ recipe to whip together in record time and be delicious enough to ‘do the job!’ so-to-speak!

berry pie

Our friends, Rob and Carmen, through together a great (and somewhat healthy mix, I might add) collection of finger foods from veggies and dip to Rob’s world class chicken wings. My wife brought along her FACE-MELTING, but ultra delicious salsa, and me, well, I had my Triple Berry Pie to help polish it all off! I should add that Andrew (the son with a mean MAN-BUN) also introduced TO THE WORLD (actually, just me, but I felt like it needed a world class intro…), an amazing sausage, cream cheese, something, something dip that was….can’t even describe. It was that good. I almost felt like running home to whip up some biscuits, bring them back and smother them with Andrew’s dip. It was silly crazy good!

Half Time Means Pie Time!

Maybe its just me, but each and every time I bake up a pie dish, pull it out of the oven and let it cool before cutting into it, the anticipation for me is almost unbearable. This being pretty comical, being that I go through these same anxious feelings each and every time I make a pie. Maybe that’s some of the allure of making pies? Throwing all these ingredients together and then being literally blind to the ‘magic’ that takes place beneath the crust while it bakes. When its finally time to cut and serve, I get that same ‘Christmas morning’ excitement I used to get when I was little, waiting to rip open presents to see what lay hidden within!

Superbowl halftime came and in we all went, face first into a still somewhat warm and sweet smelling pie. Carmen did the honors, slicing everyone generous HEAPS of berry delight and topped them all with a heavy dab of whipped cream.

I should’ve recorded the silence in the room as ‘lions’ ripped and tore at the pie carcass! Maybe a little too vivid, but you get the gist.

triple berry

Luckily, everything turned out fantastically wonderfully, with happy, berry-smudged grins giving me the ‘thumbs-up’ that yet once again, The Pie Addict has delivered! My work here was done.


Triple Berry Pie

Prepare Double crusts for one 9′ pie pan
7 cups total of fresh or frozen raspberries, blueberries and blackberries (about 2 1/3 cups of each type of berry)
1 cup granulated sugar
1 Tbsp lemon juice
4 Tbsp cornstarch
2 Tbsp butter
1 egg white, beaten with a fork (egg wash)
Pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg to sprinkle on top!


  1. Add your berry mixture, sugar and lemon juice to a large saucepan over medium heat. Simmer (med heat worked for me), until warm and juicy, about 5-10 minutes (but keep an eye on it), gently stirring occasionally. (taste it and see if it’s sweet enough for your liking. If you want it sweeter I would add maybe a 1/4 cup more sugar.). Remove from heat.
  2. Spoon out about 1/2 cup of the juice from the pan into a bowl. Stir cornstarch into the juice until smooth (it’s easier to mix in the cornstarch at this point so that you can get all the clumps out). Put saucepan of berries back on the stove and bring it back to a simmer, then slowly pour in the cornstarch/juice mix. Gently stir mixture (try not to crush or break up the berries. the berries for the most part break down when over the heat, but try to keep them as whole as possible if you can!), until thickened, about 2-5 minutes.
  3. Remove from heat and stir in the butter. Roll out the bottom crust and place in 9″ pie dish. Pour mixture into unbaked pie shell. Roll out and add crust top.
  4. Pinch the edges of the top and bottom pie crusts together and crimp the edge. Slice in a few vent slits on top for steam to escape. Brush egg wash over the top of the pie and sprinkle lightly with sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.
  5. Bake at 400 degrees F for 40-45 minutes. Check it after about 25 minutes and place a piece of tinfoil over it if the top crust is getting too brown.
  6. Remove the pie to a wire cooling rack and allow to cool for several hours. Once cooled completely, dig in, and be sure to come back and let me know how it turned out!

4 Ways Mom’s Homemade Apple Pie Inspired Me

There’s nothing like being able to sit back, relax and enjoy a warm slice of SOMEONE ELSE’S apple pie. Even better, there’s nothing like enjoying a warm slice of MOM’S HOMEMADE APPLE PIE! But no surprise there, right? I mean, we can all lay claim to the fact that no one does it better than ‘MOM.’ But what makes MY MOM’S pie in particular stand out, is that every mouthful is not only nostalgic but inspiring! This same pie, consistent in flavor and texture for as long as I can remember is what both inspired and motivated me to become the pie baker I am today.

Mom's Homemade Apple Pie

4 Ways Mom’s Homemade Apple Pie Inspired Me

  1. A Pie Addict Is Born. This is the most obvious indication that Mom’s Homemade Apple had a profound affect on me and that is my current addiction to pie – forsaking virtually all other dessert dishes. Don’t get me wrong, I like cookies, cupcakes, and cakes, but they don’t hold a candle to pie. Not in my book anyways. And Mom’s apple pie did that to me.
  2. Watching a Master Baker at Work. Now, I doubt Mom would characterize herself as a Master Baker, but in my eyes, she was. Watching her over the years, toss together granny smith’s, sugar and spices, and somehow, despite measuring-out these ingredients by hand, able to CONSISTENTLY, fashion together pie dishes, I was convinced then as I still am today, that I was watching a Master Baker at work.
  3. Family Recipes Are Timeless.There is almost nothing more nostalgic than scooping a favorite dish into your mouth and being instantly transported back into your childhood or past. Food seems to have that effect, which is one of the reasons recipes are often passed down through generations. We don’t want to LOSE the way it tasted, the way it warmed our bellies, the way we rode the aromas all the way back. Each and every mouthful of mom’s apple pie does this for me, STILL, after all these years. Now THAT’s a timeless and magical recipe! It pushes and pulls you to REMEMBER. Remember good times and good eating, remember your childhood and youth, remember MOM, for all time! Now THAT’S a recipe!
  4. A Life Through Pie. Mom’s pies have not only inspired me to become better at baking but have also motivated me to take my lifelong love of good food to an entirely different level, by starting this blog – The Pie Addict. And this is only the beginning! What’s next for The Pie Addict, I cannot say. But what I will confirm is that as long as Mom’s Homemade Apple Pie is in my life, the sky (and beyond) is literally the limit!

Whiskey and Bourbon Pie Recipes

It’s been like forever since I last had some time to step into the kitchen and get creative so I decided to make the most of what limited time I had to whip together two boozy delights – A Bourbon Pumpkin Pie and Peach Whiskey Pie. Oh yea, you hear that right, we went gangbusters on the liquor cabinet!

pumpkin bourbon pie

Why Pumpkin? Isn’t Thanksgiving Over?

Yes and yes. I had originally planned on making SEVERAL pumpkin pies throughout the month of November and ultimately ended up making not a single one. I blame it on long work days but really I think it was just procrastination coupled with being easily distracted with everything else under the sun.

Anyways, the holidays are over and life (and my midsection…) as we knew it is slowly shrinking back into place, so this was the opportune time to jump back into the saddle to whip together a bit of fruity boozy delight.

Peach Whiskey Pie

Bourbon Pumpkin Pie

Tell me this. What fun is it to make a ‘Plain Jane Pumpkin Pie?’ No offense to ‘Jane’, but plain ANYTHING is just boring, dull and unbecoming of a true blue baker. Am I right or am I right? Sure, there are times when throwing together some basic cherry and apple pies are warranted, but today wasn’t one of those days!

I don’t know what it is, but I’m always looking for ideas which bring together both hard alcohol and tasty pie dishes, and if you search long and hard enough you’re bound to find something for just about every pie recipe out there.

Turns out Gimme Some Oven had just what I was looking for.

bourbon pumpkin pie

I’ll tell you what….I never realized Pumpkin Pie was so easy. Granted, I didn’t start from raw pumpkins like I wanted (one day I’ll tackle this…), but still, it was a relatively straightforward process. I didn’t make the Bourbon-infused whipped cream, but with 2 tablespoons of the good stuff, this Pumpkin Bourbon Pie had more than enough to wake up the taste senses and taste buds.

Want the recipe? Find The Bourbon Pumpkin Pie here on Gimme Some Oven.

peach whiskey pie

Peach Whiskey Pie

Now I know what you’re thinking. I made a Pumpkin Bourbon Pie, but are you saying you ALSO made a Peach Whiskey Pie the same day? You got it!

I like Pumpkin Pie, but I like fruit pies much MUCH better and I had a taste for peach at the end of my tongue that HAD to be addressed. But a plain jane Peach Pie? Ya’ll should know me better than that. I had a little Bourbon left over from the Pumpkin Pie but I also had a few Whiskey minis wavin’ at me from the liquor cabinet. Peaches? Whiskey? Pie? There had to be a recipe out there for that right?

Peach Whiskey Pie

For this particular pie recipe I went to my personal ‘pie library’ and found, again, another relatively simple but far from plain peach pie recipe. Not only did it have Whiskey in it but a generous amount of honey, which I have never used in a pie recipe before. That was all the ‘arm twisting’ I needed to tackle this one at haste!


Here are the ingredients and preparation instructions for the Whiskey Peach Pie.


  • 1 recipe any double crust pie dough
  • 5 to 6 large ripe peaches or about 2lbs frozen peaches
  • 1/2 cup floral-tasting honey
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • juice of 1/2 medium lemon (about 1 1/2 tablespoons)
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons rye whiskey
  • 1/8 teaspooon ground nutmeg
  • pinch of salt
  • 5 to 6 tablespoons flour (depends on how juicy the peaches are)
  • 2 tablespoons chilled unsalted butter, cut into small pieces
  • Egg white wash (1 egg white beaten with 1 teaspoon water)
  • Demerara sugar, for sprinkling


  1. Make the dough and refrigerate it for at least an hour, or overnight. Roll out the bottom crust and place it in a 9 to 10 inch pie plate. Tuck the crust into the plate and trim the edges. Refrigerate the crust while you prepare the next steps of the recipe.
  2. You can use fresh peaches but I prefer frozen (much quicker to prepare and according to many sources they’re even fresher than fresh peaches. I know right?). Put the peaches into a medium bowl. Add the honey, sugar, lemon juice, whiskey, nutmeg, and salt. Taste and adjust the flavors as needed. Gently stir in the flour and set the filling aside.
  3. Roll out the top crust and retrieve the bottom crust from the refrigerator. Brush the bottom crust with beaten egg or egg white mixed with water before adding the filling. What this does is as the pie bakes, the proteins in the egg will form a moisture barrier over the crust and provide a layer of protection, helping the bottom crust to cook better and not be soggy.
  4. Using a slotted spoon, put the peaches into the bottom crust. Pour in the juice, stopping about a 1/2 inch below the rim. Dot the filling with the butter, drape the top crust over it, trim the edges, and crimp or flute them.
  5. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F and chill the pie while you wait for the over to heat up.
  6. Right before baking, cut generous steam vents, brush the crust with egg white wash, and sprinkle it with demera sugar.
  7. Bake the pie in the middle of the oven for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the curst looks dry, blistered, and blond. Reduce the heat to 375 degrees F and bake for at least 35 to 45 minutes more, rotating the pie front to back about halfway through to ensure even baking, until the crust is deeply golden and the juices are thickened and bubble slowly through the vents.
  8. Cool the pie completely before serving, at least a few hours. Store leftovers on the kitchen counter loosely wrapped in a towel for up to 3 days.

[Find this recipe and more in Pie School: Lessons in Fruit, Flour & Butter, By Kate Lebo]