Pie Baking Practice Makes Perfect

Keep moving forward. It’s a great MANTRA that I’ve used time and time again, and one, that I picked up from an a animated film, and family favorite in the home – Meet The Robinsons. The quote was used throughout the film, which originated with none other than Walt Disney. It essentially means, through thick and thin, through challenges and turmoil, through absolute screw-ups in the kitchen…KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Well tonight, this was my guiding light as I used what little free time I had to practice on some things I needed practice on. Let the Pie Baking begin!

Nobody’s perfect and even the great cooks and bakers online, more times than I can count, often explain in great detail their screw ups, mess ups, and mishaps in the kitchen, that they tend to make but learn from. Every baker has to contend with these ‘demons’ and every baker’s demons are different in some respect. For me, my demons baking pie have been revolved around – thickening.

A few weeks ago my mother informed me that she had purchased both she and I another pie baking book – The Art of The Pie, by Kate McDermott – a FANTASTIC book by the way, hefty in pages, recipes and the photos – oh my Lord! Yesterday the book arrived on my doorstep and I couldn’t wait to tear through it.

I maybe only got 20 pages in, before I came upon a couple small THICKENING tips that I couldn’t wait to incorporate into my next pie.

I had until next weekend to practice since we had a big, end of the summer BBQ coming up with a group of family friends. Can you say PORK CARNITAS? And since I managed to find some free time this Saturday evening, I decided now would be as good as time as any to ‘try my hand’ at some of these VERY SUBTLE, but potentially game changing tips, to help me thicken up my pie fillings.

I choose a REALLY simple Triple Berry Pie recipe on KNEAD TO COOK, to practice with, one because it was simple, but also because I had the ingredients already on-hand. Another HUGE plus!


Pie filling. I love to really ‘stuff’ my pies with every ounce of pie filling that I can, It doesn’t matter if I’m making a blackberry pie, raspberry pie, triple berry pie or apple pie, I stuff every last piece of fruit ‘under the DOUGH hood.’ If there’s anything leftover in the bowl above and beyond what the recipe called for, I find a way to add them to the party. But I was going about this all wrong, or so I thought.

In Art of the Pie, Kate mentions on more than one occasion that when she spoons in the pie filling, she doesn’t pile it up to the rim the of the pie dish as I ALWAYS seem to do. She instead only fills up the pie dish a half inch below the rim of the pie dish.

When I read this, my first thought was – that doesn’t seem like a lot of pie filling? A half inch below the rim?

But who was I to question a baking aficionado like Kate. So like a good little ‘padawan’ learner (pardon my Geekness in using a Star Wars term…), I followed in step, only filling up my pie dish to below the rim.


My pie fillings are sometimes runny. Not super runny, but ‘runnier’ than I would like. It’s one of my pet peeves and one in which I constantly struggle to resolve, on a consistent basis. Sometimes a pie comes out after cooling, near perfect, and other times I shake my hand in bewilderment as to what went wrong. My ‘PIE GAME’ isn’t consistent and THAT ladies and gents is why I continue to lose what little hair I still have left!

When pie baking, I have made pies using frozen fruits and fresh fruit. The fresh fruit seem to be juicer than the frozen, but that doesn’t always seem to be the case. The frozen fruit I like to thaw and then use in my pies, and have had mixed results with those as well.

What I haven’t tried was using frozen fruit, without thawing first. I read that it is better to use frozen fruit, as is, and place it in the pie dish just after mixing in whatever other ingredients the recipe called for. Using frozen fruit in this manner was said to keep the juiciness of the pie under check. Sounded like a plan to me.


I tend to roll out my homemade pie pastry just a little too thin. I try not to, but when I roll, the pastry just never seems large enough to cover the pie dish and leave some overhang for forming the edges. So, I roll and I roll big.

Well, I shouldn’t be doing that. So I rolled out tonight’s pie pastry about a 1/4 inch thick (more or less). Anxious and very curious to see how this bakes out while also HOPEFULLY helping to keep my pie filling juices in check.


The finished product was….not what I expected.

pie baking

When I removed the pie from the oven, I could see through through the glass pie plate that my bottom crust was browned, as was the top crust. I did have concern when I saw that the juice bubbling on top was a little ‘thin’, and that concern was rightfully so. I let the pie cool and rest through the evening.

Morning came, and I was eager to see the results. With a hot cup of joe in hand I excitedly cut into the pie, the juice bubbling up around the knife. I lifted a good portioned slice to my plate and I could see right away that the juice wasn’t thickened hardly at all. This pie baking exercise was already starting off on the wrong foot. UGH!

The flavor was good, and the thickened crust definitely was a plus, and one that I will repeat again, but the pie filling was as juicy as ever and not what I intended. Maybe I didn’t put in enough corn starch? Maybe I should have thawed the frozen fruit and drained off as much as the juice as possible? Maybe, maybe, maybe….

Oh well, definitely some things to take away from this pie baking experiment, and nothing to get down on, that’s for sure. Every exercise like this is a learning lesson and makes me that much better the next go-round. You’ll see! Here’s to THE NEXT PIE! Cheers!

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

14 Oreo Cookie Pie Dishes | Quick & Easy To Make

Who doesn’t like Oreo cookies? How about oreo cookie pie? Even if the ‘waistline’ can’t handle devouring oreo cookies like we ALL did back in the day, you gotta admit, that somewhere in your youthful days you remember woofing those down. I have to come clean – I’ll be the first to declare that I haven’t eaten an oreo for some time. BUT, if you were to crush and mix oreo cookies into a cool, creamy pie dish or pie crust, I’d be first in line to get a mouthful, as I’m guessing, many of you would?

But don’t fret, I have 11 of the most delicious and SIMPLE to make oreo cookie pie recipes listed right here, for your consumption pleasure, should you wish to reminisce about the younger years!

Oreo Cookie Pie Recipes

oreo cookie pieNo-Bake Oreo Pie
Beth over at THE FIRST YEAR has put together a masterpiece and all-star ingredient list for this No-Bake Oreo Cookie Pie - Oreo crust, oreo cream cheese filling, chocolate ganache and topped with oreos.
This is definitely a recipe you walk into REALLY LIKING oreo cookies!
Heavenly Oreo Cookie Pie DessertHeavenly Oreo Dessert
Holly's about description on her site - LIFE IN THE LOFTHOUSE reads "...loves to create easy and delicious recipes." You got that right! Think Double-Stuffed Oreo cookies, chocolate pudding and cream cheese and go from there!
Peanut Butter Oreo PiePeanut Butter Oreo Cookie Pie
Are you serious? No-bake creamy peanut butter pie, with crushed Oreos, on top of an Oreo crust? Oreos AND Peanut Butter? I'm DONE! Total cook and prep time comes in a little over two hours, though I'm sure the wait will be worth it! Recipe from Taylor at GREENS & CHOCOLATE
Oreo Loves PieOreo Loves Pie
Danielle at TODAY'S THE BEST DAY had initially started with a more basic version of this pie over at KRAFT's site and has since AMP'd the deliciousness and look of that original recipe a hundred-fold. One of the highlights? This pie only needs 5 ingredients!
Oreo Overload Ice Cream PieOreo Overload Ice Cream Pie
Supposedly according to Julie at GLITTER & GOULASH this deep dish creamy icy delight only takes 15min to whip together? This doesn't account for some extended chill time in the freezer, but still, definitely a last minute dessert alternative yea?
Ooey Gooey Oreo Cookie PieOoey Gooey Oreo Pie
Straight from Ashton over at SOMETHING SWANKY - "If you’re an Oreo lover or a chocolate lover or a pie lover or anything in between– this pie is for you. It is intensely chocolate, packed with Oreos, and is the fudgiest thing you’ve ever laid your fork on." Embellish with hot fidge and vanilla ice cream and next thing you know, half the pie will be polished off before morning!
Lemon Oreo Icebox PieLemon Oreo Icebox Pie
Made with a lemon OREO crust, filled with a creamy lemon filling and topped with more crunchy lemon OREO cookies, Erin at DELIGHTFUL-E-MADE has set herself apart from the field of other delicious pie dishes by changing the game and using a rarely seen (and tasted) lemon oreo cookie. I have to admit, I really really would like to try this...
Oreo Snickers PieOreo Snickers Pie
Although the recipe from Kristyn at LIL' LUNA makes this list because of the oreo cookie pie crust, this recipe has sooooo much more to offer that you would really only discover AFTER you've cut into it. The magic of this recipe lies within!
No-Bake Chocolate Oreo Cookie PieNo-Bake Chocolate Oreo Pie
This pie is chocolate on chocolate on chocolate and according to Ashley at BAKER BY NATURE, not for the faint of heart. The first layer is a simple no-bake Oreo crust, which is topped with a chocolate ganache filling, which gets sprinkled with a full layer of crushed cookies. Rich, creamy, decadence in every bite! You can almost taste it right after reading this!
No Bake Oreo Cream PieNo-Bake Oreo Cream Pie
If you're a cookie and cream pie lover you won't want to miss out on giving this recipe a shot from Nikki at CHEF IN TRAINING - an easy homemade Oreo crust with a delicious creamy center and topped with whipped cream and chocolate.
Oreo Slab PieOreo Slab Pie
An oreo cookie slab pie by PILLSBURY. Cream cheese, whipping cream, crushed oreo cookies and hot fudge topping. It doesn't get much simpler than that does it? Also looks like you could feed an army so make sure you bring this to a good-sized event or gathering
No-Bake Chocolate Mint Oreo Cookie PieNo-Bake Chocolate Mint Oreo Cookie Pie
Thank you Kelly for bringing the Chocolate Mint recipe into the fray! Kelly at LIFE MADE SWEETER brings her 'A' game with a No Bake Chocolate Mint Oreo Pie, made with an easy Oreo cookie pie crust filled with a creamy cheesecake filling. Only takes just 10 minutes of prep at that!
3 Ingredient Frozen Oreo Cookie Pie3 Ingredient Frozen Oreo Cookie Pie
From Sharla and THE CHAOS AND THE CLUTTER comes a pie dish that would work equally well for dessert after supper or at a birthday party. And it just takes 3 INGREDIENTS!
Oreo Ice Cream PieOreo Ice Cream Pie
Maegan with THE BAKER MAMA and her Oreo ice cream pie loaded with crushed Oreos, chopped pecans and plenty of chocolate syrup to sanctify any sweet tooth. With this list of goodies in the mix I wouldn't dare argue with her. The presentation alone would have party goers circling the food table all night long!

A little bit from everything in this list of Oreo Cookie Pies from some of the best and most creative bakers across the Web, here, all in one place, on THE PIE ADDICT! From cream pies to ice cream pies, to regular, double stuffed and lemon oreo cookies, if you take the time to work your way down this list of recipes you will of covered a portion of the oreo cookie pies out there.

But as always, if you know of a recipe that defies all logic and deliciousness that you don’t see on this list, by all means let me know in the comment section and i’ll be sure to review and amend this list if necessary!

Happy Pie Baking!