Orange Cream Pie Recipe

Remember when we were kids, frolicking in the Summer heat with friends, and we’d come inside after a long, sweaty game of tag? The air in the house almost uncomfortably chilly from the air conditioning. Remember how the first place you’d ‘raid’ was the kitchen, rummaging about the cupboard and refrigerator for anything sweet and even better, COLD! Remember, spotting that unmistakable box of ORANGE CREAMSICLES tucked in the freezer, yanking one out and biting into it? Crackling through the icy, orange-flavored shell and into that wonderfully, smooth vanilla cream center? You think THAT gives you great memories, let me give you 4 more!


This past weekend I made good on my promise to my daughter, that I’d make the frozen orange cream pie recipe that she’d been pining for over the last several months. After much whining, I finally decided to give in.

shortbread cookie crust prep

The recipe I used for the orange cream pie, I found over at A Mom’s Take. The recipe, by Janel at ‘A Mom’s Take’ was as simple and relatively quick as they came, so naturally it was my first choice!

shortbread cookie crust

Of course, when the time came to ‘pitch in’ and help, as I have required my daughter to do, each and every time she has requested a specific pie dish, she was no where to be found. That is, of course, until I started mixing together the vital ingredients for the orange cream filling!

[See the Frozen Orange Cream Pie recipe here at – A Mom’s Take]

cookie pie crust

She couldn’t wait to taste the filling! But then again, neither could I. I mean, we’re talking about re-creating one of the greatest, most prevalent, childhood memories ever known, in the form of a PIE?! Even I, The great and powerful PIE ADDICT was skeptical!

orange cream pie filling

But all that worry went down to the tummy as soon as I spooned a helping down the pie hole! I’m not going to get in to how it tasted, but trust me when I say this, it didn’t disappoint and I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it would taste like after having sat in the freezer for 24 hours.


The recipe made enough for a couple 9″ pie dishes but I opted for just one since this was still relatively new ground I was breaking here. I spooned the mix into one shortbread cookie crusted dish (note: the recipe called for a graham cracker crust, but as some of you may well know, I almost always substitute graham cracker crust for shortbread cookie crust), and tossed it into the freezer for its lengthy 24 hour hibernation.

Orange Cream Pie Recipe

I guess I don’t need to tell you how it came out or how it looked, but I will tell you how it tasted! It was like an orange creamsicle poured over a cookie crust, and yes, it tasted just as good as that just sounded! It was wonderful and maybe even more amazing than your typical orange creamsicle because it had not only vanilla ice cream in it but cool whip as well. Absolutely blew away my worries and low expectations.

So after having had the delightful opportunity to taste this wonderful dessert, let me now tell you 6 facts about orange cream pie that may just keep you up at night!


1. It’ll awaken the most dormant of happy childhood memories. I mentioned it before and I’ll say it again, creamsicles are one the staples of the American childhood and this orange cream pie recipe brings those memories front and center with every frosty flavorful bite.

2. It’s tough to resist scooping a spoonful. The orange cream pie is one of those pies that has you wanting to take a bite out of it every time you walk through the kitchen. I swear, it’s like some sort of subliminal whisper that beckons you to interrupt whatever it is you’re doing to open the freezer door. Weird.

3. You become possessive. You find yourself worried someone else has taken a piece or a ‘spoonful’ in your absence, while you were at work or ‘trying’ to sleep. You find yourself , sneaking into the kitchen at ungodly hours just to peek at it, and make sure all is well!

6. It’s probably not the most healthy of desserts, but then again, WHAT GOOD DESSERT IS? Hey, I’m not going to deny this probably ups your calorie intake substantially for the day, but every now and then you have to indulge! right? No? Well whatever, I say INDULGE! Live a little!


Don’t know what else to tell you, but as a PIE ADDICT I fully support your decision to TRY and ignore this post, though we both know RESISTANCE IS UTTERLY FUTILE!

For the full recipe and preparation steps, again, head over to Janel’s A Mom’s Take

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