There’s nothing like being able to sit back, relax and enjoy a warm slice of SOMEONE ELSE’S apple pie. Even better, there’s nothing like enjoying a warm slice of MOM’S HOMEMADE APPLE PIE! But no surprise there, right? I mean, we can all lay claim to the fact that no one does it better than ‘MOM.’ But what makes MY MOM’S pie in particular stand out, is that every mouthful is not only nostalgic but inspiring! This same pie, consistent in flavor and texture for as long as I can remember is what both inspired and motivated me to become the pie baker I am today.

Mom's Homemade Apple Pie

4 Ways Mom’s Homemade Apple Pie Inspired Me

  1. A Pie Addict Is Born. This is the most obvious indication that Mom’s Homemade Apple had a profound affect on me and that is my current addiction to pie – forsaking virtually all other dessert dishes. Don’t get me wrong, I like cookies, cupcakes, and cakes, but they don’t hold a candle to pie. Not in my book anyways. And Mom’s apple pie did that to me.
  2. Watching a Master Baker at Work. Now, I doubt Mom would characterize herself as a Master Baker, but in my eyes, she was. Watching her over the years, toss together granny smith’s, sugar and spices, and somehow, despite measuring-out these ingredients by hand, able to CONSISTENTLY, fashion together pie dishes, I was convinced then as I still am today, that I was watching a Master Baker at work.
  3. Family Recipes Are Timeless.There is almost nothing more nostalgic than scooping a favorite dish into your mouth and being instantly transported back into your childhood or past. Food seems to have that effect, which is one of the reasons recipes are often passed down through generations. We don’t want to LOSE the way it tasted, the way it warmed our bellies, the way we rode the aromas all the way back. Each and every mouthful of mom’s apple pie does this for me, STILL, after all these years. Now THAT’s a timeless and magical recipe! It pushes and pulls you to REMEMBER. Remember good times and good eating, remember your childhood and youth, remember MOM, for all time! Now THAT’S a recipe!
  4. A Life Through Pie. Mom’s pies have not only inspired me to become better at baking but have also motivated me to take my lifelong love of good food to an entirely different level, by starting this blog – The Pie Addict. And this is only the beginning! What’s next for The Pie Addict, I cannot say. But what I will confirm is that as long as Mom’s Homemade Apple Pie is in my life, the sky (and beyond) is literally the limit!

David Lawyer

Hopelessly addicted to all things pie, from cream pies, to fruit pies, savory pies, and anything else even remotely close like tarts, galettes and beyond! Also be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter for even more great recipe ideas!


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