Amazing Desserts

Amazing Desserts! I have great news! Did you know, that you could actually eat pie throughout the year? And I’m not just talking about during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, but from January through December, you can order and eat crazy delicious pies for a variety of occasions and events. To help you out, here are 21 Occasions That Absolutely POSITIVELY Call For PIE!

Baby Showers

Amazing Desserts

Bridal Showers

Bridal Shower

July 4th

july 4th

New Year’s Eve Party

Happy New Year



Graduation Parties


Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Father’s Day

Father's Day

Valentines Day

Amazing Desserts



Pi Day

pi Day


Amazing Desserts

Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Receptions

Wedding Reception

Office Pot Lucks

amazing desserts

Office Meetings

business meeting

Family Gatherings

amazing desserts



House Warming Parties

amazing desserts

And of Course…





You don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas to have amazing desserts like pie. Just about ANY occasion that you eat Cake or Cupcakes or Cookies you can have pie. Either a full blown 9″ inch pie or mini or hand pies for light snacking.

What serving an amazing dessert like pie gives you at your special event is uniqueness and something different. Every Wedding Reception or Wedding Shower has cake or cookies – Ho-Hum… just like everyone else.

When you plan these special events and gatherings you’re always looking for a way to make the even memorable and different from everyone else. Besides the decor and the entertainment, food served is a HUGE way to also differentiate yourself from the typical’ and the ‘been there done that before’ crowd. Don’t be like everyone else! If I may borrow an aptly used and wholly appropriate term – ‘Dare to be different!’

Drop us an email, at and let us know what special event, special occasion or special ‘day’ you have coming up and let’s discuss how the Pie Addict can help make all your guests, friends and family grin from cheek-to-cheek with hearty, delicious and AMAZING DESSERTS you can’t simply go buy in a store!

David Lawyer

Hopelessly addicted to all things pie, from cream pies, to fruit pies, savory pies, and anything else even remotely close like tarts, galettes and beyond! Also be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter for even more great recipe ideas!


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