Apple Pro Peeler

I’m not going to lie, I’ve always had a rather ‘lazy’ side to me [who doesn’t at times right?], but rather than shun and hide this minor ‘blemish’ in my character, I’ve learned to embrace it and use to my advantage. How? By using this laziness to help me find more efficient and quicker ways at accomplishing tasks – specifically, peeling apples in preparation of baking a delicious apple pie.

I had long peeled apples by hand, like most of you, and had done it so many times that it had almost become second nature. I could peel in my sleep. But being one for change and a technology geek since birth, you could imagine my glee when a package showed up on my doorstep from my loving mother in Texas, that contained non-other than a Starfrit Apple Pro-Peeler!

Apple Pro Peeler
Easy to set-up right out of the box [which I love], I had the Apple Pro Peeler out, and on the counter ready to go to work.

After having rinsed off my bowl of deep green and delicious Granny Smith’s, one by one, I gently pressed each apple, on to the steel prongs that held the apple upright. Then, rotating a small handle, I turned slowly, raising the peeling blade up against the apple and around. The apple skin peeled away effortlessly and quick, leaving a long tail of skin curled up at the base of the Apple Pro Peeler. One apple done in mere seconds, I lifted it from the prongs and situated another.

Apple Pro Peeler
Simple. Quick. Efficient. It was almost scary how fast I could churn through 6 Granny Smith’s, my thoughts already wandering to how many pies I could whip out with such at device at my command!

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