Best Pie Recipes for the Week of May 6th! Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone is starting off the day and has at least SOME idea of what they’re going to do over the weekend? Not sure how it is in your part of the country (or world), but here in the southern part of Idaho, its a bit cool, a little windy, but all good. We needed a few days break after the heat we’ve been getting for the past week. And, if you don’t have concrete plans for the weekend, or are just ‘playing it by ear’ so-to-speak, I’ve got a great round-up of the Best Pie Recipes I’ve managed to come across this past week. Take a peek, see what peeks your interest, and please return and comment how it turned out!

best pie recipes
Mini No-Bake Key Lime Pie in a Jar by Inspired by Charm

Best Pie Recipes for the Week of May 6th

strawberry slab pieA Simple Strawberry Slab Pie
Transform store-bought pie dough into a dessert stunner with this fast and versatile recipe for Simple Strawberry Slab Pie. Simple? With all those fancy flowers and fluted edges? You bet! Because here’s the secret to the easiest-ever Strawberry Slab Pie…
key lime pieMini No-Bake Key Lime Pie in a Jar
This recipe for Mini No-Bake Key Lime Pie in a Jar just might be one of the cutest summer desserts ever. With their rich key lime flavor, graham cracker crust, and whipped cream garnish, these little pies will hit the spot after a mid-week dinner or at any summer celebration.
milk pieRuffled Milk Pie
A type of galatopita (“pie made with milk,” aka a baked custard pie), this is more striking in appearance than most due to wound and rumpled sheets of pastry, which also provide texture and crunch. It’s so pretty and oh so simple with just 7 ingredients.
blueberry crumbleBlueberry Crumb Cheesecake Pie
This Blueberry Crumb Cheesecake Pie is made with a layer of cheesecake, blueberry pie filling and crumb topping! It’s a fun combination of cheesecake and pie that’s great for summer!
chocolate silk pieChocolate Silk Pie
Chocolate Silk Pie, a real old fashioned recipe for a creamy chocolate custard pie topped with mounds of fresh vanilla whipped cream.
key lime pie barsKey Lime Pie Bars
Key lime pie is a wonderful summertime dessert. Not only is it easy to put together, but the zesty and creamy filling is completely satisfying with every bite, thanks to its combination of sweet and tart flavors. These Key Lime Pie Bars are a little bit easier to make than a traditional key lime pie and are the perfect option for a summer treat when you’re entertaining.
key lime pieKey Lime Pie
this summer classic has a creamy smooth, tart filling and a sweet graham cracker crust. Use fresh key limes and plenty of zest for the best flavor!
buttermilk blueberry pieBlueberry Buttermilk Pie
If you’re a non-believer, first understand that eating buttermilk pie is nothing like drinking plain buttermilk, any more than enjoying a well made vinaigrette is like drinking plain vinegar. Buttermilk pie is a triumph of a one-time kitchen staple elevated by association with the right company. You get the slight tang and richness of the buttermilk which, with the help of eggs, sugar, and vanilla, turn it into one of the best custards you’ve ever tried.
bourbon chocolate pecan pieBourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie
Like the famous Race Day Pie made with walnuts, bourbon and chocolate, this one is easy, especially if you use a frozen pie crust. And with just a couple tablespoons of Bourbon, you'd be surprised how much of this flavor comes through.
coconut cream pieCoconut Cream Pie
Coconut Cream Pie is a classic. This creamy, dreamy coconut cream pie recipe will quickly become a family favorite! A perfectly flaky and delicious pie crust filled with rich, creamy coconut custard layered with mile high whipped cream and topped with toasted coconut. Now, what in the world could be wrong with that?

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