Betty Crocker pie crust has been a stable, tasty, fixture in my family kitchen since before I could remember. What I can recall however, is always seeing the signature Betty Crocker pie crust box sitting tall on the kitchen counter, waiting, in powdery, delicious anticipation for its fellowship – Cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar and vanilla to join in the upcoming pie adventure! Well, all that was blown away when I stumbled, accidentally, onto Betty Crocker’s BIG CHANGE!


I’ve really just started on the path toward learning how to craft my own signature pie crust. Not only because I’d like to become a true pie making connoisseur, and not have to rely on store-bought pie crust, but because I’d really like to ‘OWN’ the pie I crafted, from the hot-bubbly filling and up through the flaky, buttery crust. So this latest ‘misstep’ from Betty Crocker might just be the writing on the wall for me.


Betty Crocker pie crust 'original'
I had no intention of baking of pie today. Just a quick run up to the corner Albertson’s grocery store to retrieve something to drink for the house is all I had been tasked with. Funny how things always never seem to go as planned when you make that fateful turn into the ‘baking aisle.’

I don’t know what it is but I LOVE to browse down this aisle. Through the cake and brownie mix, flours, sugars and starches, seasonings, kitchen pans, dishes and utensils and past the pie crust…..wait. Up on the top shelf, where my lifelong familiar once stood, was a new Betty Crocker pie crust mix.

The box had a more modern look and feel to it, a little more trendier with a sharp looking photograph emblazoned across it. I re-confirmed that I was indeed still looking at a Betty Crocker product, and that this had indeed ‘replaced’ the old-school, packaged pie crust I had been accustomed to for so many years. This was the NEW Betty Crocker look, and according to the packaging, they had retained the ‘original’ pie crust recipe and merely just updated the branding. Hmm….

Curiosity got the better of me, as I tossed a box into my shopping cart and spirited myself away toward the produce section. Me and Granny Smith needed to talk!


Disaster!! What has Betty Crocker done?! This was NOT the pie crust I had grown up with. In fact, it wasn’t even close. I should’ve known this fact, when I glanced at the instructions on the box and noticed an ever so slight ‘change’ in the process of mixing this crust. Nothing extravagant, but a slight variation in the amount of water I was to add to the mixture.

After rolling out the dough, it seemed ‘stickier’ than normal. A pinch of flour sprinkled across it, seemed to do the trick, but then once flattened and ready to roll-up, it began to fragment. I quickly ‘balled’ it back up and rolled it out again. Same result. I made do, and got the dough situated in my 9″ dish. In went the sliced Granny Smith’s, sugar, cinnammon, butter, vanilla and nutmeg. On to the next ball of dough, whcih after being flattened had the same disastrous results. WHAT THE HELL?!

Again, I ‘managed’ to cover the pie adequately, though not ‘pretty’ by any stretch. In fact it was down right horrible [hence, no photos], and I almost wanted to scrap the whole thing right then and there.

There were some leftover scraps of dough on the counter mat, which I tasted. [Side note – ever since I was a kid, my mother used to set aside a small bunch of pie crust dough, leftover after she had shaped the edges of the crust, for me. Don’t ask me why I liked the taste of it, but I did, and to this day, I often sample the raw dough just after finishing the pie. Anyways…]

It did NOT taste like the Betty Crocker pie crust my taste buds had grown so accustomed to over the years. And I should know! This immediately concerned me, since the finished pie was now baking away. Too late to scrap [my pie addiction now seizing control of my faculties…] I thought. Let’s play this out and see what happens.


The pie was done. It’s wonderful, warming aroma filling the kitchen and adjoining rooms of the house with sweet, vanilla/cinnamon/Granny Smith deliciousness! Hmm…maybe this whole ‘something is wrong’ feeling was just me striving for perfection as I always try to do when baking pie and THINKING Betty Crocker had pulled a fast one?

But when scooped out a warm slice, my suspicions rang true. The pie crust WAS different. Flakier but also with a different taste, Betty Crocker in one fell swoop took me to a new low. A pie crust mix that really started me on this ‘addiction’ had changed, and not for the better. Maybe that’s too harsh? Maybe the new pie crust mix tasted great but my childhood love and admiration for the ‘original’ mix wouldn’t let me ‘accept’ anything that could possibly taste better?

Regardless, the Betty Crocker pie crust I had grown to know and love was gone [replaced by this IMPOSTER!!! just kidding…], and now I faced the hard decision of learning to accept the new Betty Crocker, or finally make that move toward seriously learning to craft my own signature pie crust.

How many of you, make your own crust or have a favorite store-bought pie crust you use?

David Lawyer

Hopelessly addicted to all things pie, from cream pies, to fruit pies, savory pies, and anything else even remotely close like tarts, galettes and beyond! Also be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter for even more great recipe ideas!


16 thoughts on “What Did You Go and Do That For Betty Crocker?”

  1. I went to make make tarts which always use the Betty Crocker pie mix and it’s so flaky that my tarta just fell apart I tried using less cream cheese and that still didn’t work I ruined two large batches of Tarts and too large batches of Tarts. I didn’t notice on the box it said the recipe has changed next time I’ll use Pillsbury

    1. At this point, looking back, I am now grateful that they changed the recipe, because that is what ultimately forced me to start learning to make my own pie pastry and I have never looked back!

  2. I loved the old mix and used it for years. This new recipe does not come close. I noticed the difference as soon as I began to mix in the water. More of a cardboard consistency now. At first I thought I might have done something wrong. Nope. Betty Crocker just lost another customer. I am sure the change was to save money but they will be sorry when sales plummet. My “from scratch” recipe is better anyway…….

    1. Exactly….probably the best thing that happened…as it forced me to start making from scratch which is way better anyways!

  3. It’s horrible! I make many pies as gifts and for my family. I was embarrassed by the crumbly tasteless crusts. Please Betty Crocker bring it back!

  4. I am extremely disappointed! There must have been a message that I ignored when trying to find the pie crust mix – the stores no longer carry it and I had to search. My last pie was a disaster, the filling was good as i soak the apples and raisins in spiced rum but the crust was like cardboard. I will not use it again unless the recipe is changed back. I won’t even think about using the mix for my quiches!

    1. That’s too bad. Soaking of apples and raisins in spiced rum by itself sounds like a remarkable filling?! Definitely something I will need to look into trying out. Start making your own pastry for pies. It sounds like a lot of work but it really isn’t once you get a handle on it and plan your pie making ahead of time. Relying on manufacturers to continue to make our favorite products (like pie crust) for us is wishful thinking. Better to be able to rely on yourself to make the items you need!

  5. Will not use Betty Crocker pie crust mix again after using it for years! Too difficult to work with and it has a different taste!

  6. Thank you, thank you Betty Crocker! Because of your “new” pie recipe I have been forced to come up with an alternative
    pie dough, i.e., my own! The ones I’ve made are absolutely incredible and so easy to make!

    Anyone wishing to make their own flaky dough, just Google around and see what wonderful pie crusts you can come up with.

    I’m sorry to leave the party, Betty, but
    after several epic fails, I must leave. Bye bye now.

  7. I use to make little pineapple tarts every Christmas. Haven’t done in several years So the other day in the grocery, saw a box of betty Crocker pie crust mix. The recipe is so simple. The crust is only the mix and enough plain yogurt to moisten it. Rolled into 1 inch balls and tamped into and up the sides of 1 3/4 inch mini muffin tins. Baked with the pineapple filling. They are crispy and fill in a holiday cookie tray nicely. Now I’m wondering if I should bother? I normally use the American test kitchen recipe with vodka for a good all purpose crust. It doesnt work for those tiny tartlets. Why do manufactures have to change good products? 16 ounces of chocolate chips are 12 oz. Now but recipes still call for 1 package or 2 cups. Infuriating!

    1. I know! Figured, why should I continue to depend on manufacturers to keep their products static and not screw up my own recipes and just learn to make the pasty on my own. In a way, I should be thanking Betty Crocker for ‘forcing’ me to adopt a better way to make my pie recipes!

  8. So disappointed,!! Made cherry pie for my daughters birthday. The crust was terrible, stiff hard to roll out. Nothing was like it used to be. Why the change?

    1. Yes it’s crazy. Why try and fix something if it isn’t broke?! The crust was perfect before Betty Crocker?! Why ruin a good thing?!

  9. Well I’ve read the posts and have to agree with all of them. I make dozens of pies all year long and especially in the fall when apples are fresh from the trees. But the standard 1/3 cup water somehow does not make a crust that will come together or roll out. I’ve added more water and that seems to suffice but it a different recipe and tastes different, not nearly as flaky. Now I see that it is being discontinuing by the last stores that still carry it. Too man complaints about quality? So sad I always had rave reviews about the crust as well as the fillings. Why mess with a good thing? I am sure you will deny a change but the public knows better. I hope the pie baking public can help change it back and put it back on the shelves or Pillsbury here I come.

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