Amazing Desserts! 21 Occasions That Call For PIE!

Amazing Desserts! I have great news! Did you know, that you could actually eat pie throughout the year? And I’m not just talking about during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, but from January through December, you can order and eat crazy delicious pies for a variety of occasions and events. To help you out, here are 21 Occasions That Absolutely POSITIVELY Call For PIE!

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CAUTION – Never take THIS Key Lime Pie Recipe to Work

Key Lime Pie Recipe. My task was simple. Come up with a great pie recipe to bring into the office for a co-worker’s birthday celebration. Problem was, the pie recipe I had decided on would’ve been overwhelming for the staff and productivity would’ve dropped off a cliff. I only realized this, after I taken a slice for myself this morning to test and boy-o-boy, did I dodge a potential disaster with this one!

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A MUST on the Red Bench Pizza Menu you Must Try

Red Bench Pizza. Great thing about foodies, is that there’s one for every food under the sun. Whilst I do pies, I have many fellow foodies who delight in other fine food and drink, from beer and wine connoisseurs to BBQ, pizza and beyond. This week, I took a moment to hit up a buddy of mine who fancies pizza, and has taken on the ‘difficult task’ at trying out a number of local Treasure Valley pizza establishments. I had him give me his personal top 3, and tried out one of them today. Red Bench Pizza!

Although some of you may be unfamiliar with Red Bench Pizza, you may not be be unfamiliar with its location on Vista Ave., home over the last decade or so to many other pizza establishments. As told in James Patrick Kelly’s article on the Idaho Statesmen:

When Kacey Montgomery and Shannon Lincoln, owners of Juniper on 8th Street, were handed the keys to the building back in 2016, they felt that the name Pizzeria Sazio had a good ring to it. The goal for their new venture was to continue the tradition of a neighborhood pizza joint, only put a Mediterranean spin on the Neapolitan-inspired pizzas and other menu items.

Well, after doing business under that name since January, the married couple got slapped with an injunction by an East Coast restaurant named Sazio. It stated that they could no longer use the name without paying a hefty licensing fee; the owner of that Italian eatery in South Florida had long ago trademarked the name.

“He is claiming that we are harming his business because people keep calling his restaurant in Florida and ordering pizzas to go in Boise,” Montgomery said.

This trademark snafu harkens back to a few years ago, when the Gone Rogue Pub in BoDo was threatened with a similar lawsuit by the Rogue brewing empire in Oregon. So it became the Double Tap Pub.
Anyway, Montgomery and Lincoln decided that instead of paying some astronomical fee, it would be easier to change the name. But they were concerned that another name change at this spot would lead to much confusion.

“Soon people will drive by and see Red Bench Pizza outside the business and assume another pizza joint has bit the dust in this location,” Montgomery said. “That is not the case.”

The name Red Bench Pizza is a shout-out to the neighborhood, and the “red” part of the equation relates to the tangy tomato-based sauce that gets smeared on some of the pizzas they serve. While not much will change in terms of their original mission, Red Bench Pizza is decidedly more casual and not so Italian-centric in its approach.

To be honest I had no idea of its storied past, but I’m glad they figured it out, because I wouldn’t have been able to absolutely ‘wreck’ their signature pizza – The Diana Ross, the way I did this afternoon!

red bench pizza

The ‘Diana Ross’ is apparently one of Red Bench Pizza’s premier pies and it lived up to it’s namesake. Thin crust, and flavorful toppings made it easy (maybe even TOO EASY) for yours truly to take down 6 slices all by myself. They weren’t huge slices and the thin crust made for a light-weight pizza anyways. I personally like thin crust a bit more crispier than Red Bench made theirs but that’s just a personal preference. The pizza was delish nevertheless!

So if you’re looking for something different from the run-of-the-mill pizza joints, I would encourage you to try out Red Bench Pizza. Support our local pizza businesses and enjoy the expertise that has gone into making a wonderful pie!

When in Arizona, take time to visit the Pie Snob

I should be thanking my daughter for having to travel all over the west playing soccer with her soccer club, because it gives me the opportunity to travel to and visit a variety of states and cities. Which means, ladies and gentlemen…DING DING DING…I get to visit more pie bakeries! This weekend? We’re in Phoenix Arizona! Last year when I was here, I visited Mamma Toldeo. This trip? We found our way to the Pie Snob.

Pie Snob is a small, quaint little shop, well-lit and nicely decorated, tucked in between a few more ‘run-down’ looking retailers in a small 4 or 5 store retail strip. It’s both easy to pass on the road and easy to recognize once you pull up to it.

One of the cool things about the PIE SNOB, is that they started out making pies from home and having eager customers pick up their orders from the house. Hmm…sounds like a familiar origin story! Just like the PIE ADDICT!

The shop had a few tables situated right up front next to the windows, so seating was available.

They had an assortment 6 or 7 fresh fruit and cream pies in the display window but might’ve had more, ready to serve in the back. The menu in their brochure and online lists a much wider assortment of pies to order, so don’t be fooled by what you see when you walk in.

As much as I wanted to order a whole pie or at least several assorted slices, I had to curb my PIE ADDICTION and settle for just a slice on this visit. And, since the PIE SNOB is supposedly known for their crumble toppings, I decided on a slice of the Apple Crumble.

As you can see, even a healthy-sized slice is probably enough. The crumble topping was legit, and it was heaped on pretty good so you get plenty of it. The sauce and flavoring of the apple filling was great, however I would’ve preferred to have the apples cooked a little more, as they weren’t as soft as I would like. The bottom crust was really thin and at times, you wouldn’t even think there was a bottom crust. I might’ve preferred to have that crust a little thicker as well, but besides these personal preferences, the Apple Crumble was really quite good.

Would I recommend the PIE SNOB for fellow pie addicts like myself? Absolutely! Their wide assortment of choices just dares you to visit and visit and visit some more. I won’t make way there again on this trip, but I’m sure I’ll be hitting it up again next year when we’re in town for some more soccer!

Who Else Wants Raspberry Hand Pies?

Over the past week, I’ve been working at perfecting hand pies, and specifically, raspberry hand pies. Raspberries are especially suited for small pies like this because they seem to add just enough tart, to balance the slight sweetness of the filling and the buttery flakiness of the crust. Where a slice of raspberry pie might be pushing it, because of the tart, raspberry hand pies are perfect snack-sized alternatives. And, since are many ways of making raspberry hand pies, I decided to tackle two methods, outlined below.

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What’s Next For The Pie Addict in 2019

It’s been sometime since I last had a bit of free time to share with everyone what’s been going on behind the scenes with the Pie Addict! Our first ‘Trial by Fire’ during the 2018 Thanksgiving and Christmas Pie Season was a resounding success and we learned a lot about running a pie bakery with which to continue improving and building upon. So what’s in-store for 2019 at the Pie Addict?

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Best Wines to Buy that Go Perfectly with Pie!

What exactly are the Best Wines to Buy, that go perfectly with Holiday Pie?!. Believe it or not, there’s a lot to be thankful for, and this year’s holiday celebration is no exception! But specifically? How about the GRAND OPENING of THE PIE ADDICT – Home Pie Bakery & Catering? It’s been a long time in coming and finally after much procrastination and peer pressure from friends and family, we’re finally here! And since the Holidays tend to be great excuses to have a sparkling glass of wine to go along with those wonderfully delicious meals, why not have a slice of pie as well?
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Starting a Bakery, Delivery and Catering Business

Starting a Bakery, Delivery and Catering Business is No Joke! It’s been some time since I made my last post to the Pie Addict blog, now aptly named – THE PIE LAB, and for good reason! I have FINALLY, after so many years of pondering a move like this, made the precarious leap into starting my own business. And, for such a monumental undertaking, I chose to open up my pie bakery delivery and catering service during arguably, THE BUSIEST PIE SEASON of the year – the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Trial by fire doesn’t even begin to describe the challenges ahead. Read More

A Peanut Butter Pie Recipe or Two Just For You! (Actually How about 17!)

A Peanut Butter Pie Recipe or Two Just For You! Who DOESN’T like peanut butter?! I myself grew up on PBJ sandwiches and to this day, they remain my favorite go-to snack/lunch item, even as an adult. The really cool thing about peanut butter though, is that there are so many other ways for you to enjoy that creamy nutty flavor. And although I’d love to dive into the multitude of ways you can use peanut butter in recipes, today I’m going to share the many different and creative ways you can use peanut butter in pie!
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Lessons Learned When Making Cherry Hand Pies

I don’t know about you and in ‘your neck of the woods’ but up here in the Pacific Northwest, cherries have been coming in like gangbusters! I can’t count the number of friends that have approached me with offers to take pounds of cherries off their hands. I hated having to turn many of them away, simply because I didn’t want to waste any, given my time constraints. In the end however, I did manage to take several pounds of cherries from a friend, all so I could try my hand at baking homemade cherry hand pies! Read More

How to Store Cherries

How to Store Cherries. Had a friend ask me the other day if I wanted some cherries from their cherry tree to make a pie? I wasn’t planning on making a pie anytime soon (I had just finished a blackberry not two days before with the family), but I also found it difficult to refuse such a generous offer?! ABSOLUTELY! Problem was, since I wasn’t immediately planning on making a pie, I should probably look at storing them for a little while so they don’t go bad? Question was, how? Read More

How to Roll Pie Crust the Right Way [VIDEO]

How to Roll Pie Crust. It was a quiet start to what was usually a busy and hectic Saturday morning. My daughter’s leg was in cast (long story – remind me to tell you about it sometime – basically a soccer game injury!) and so we had no early morning soccer games to attend. The wife was up and out and about, helping feed a friend’s cat on the other side of town, and my second oldest child, had an early morning shift down at Target. Besides my ‘WOOKIE’ (dog) sprawled out and snoring in the closet, the house was eerily quiet. Just the way I liked it! Read More

My Pie Baking Extraordinaire Mom Amazes at Office Farewell Party

My Pie Baking Extraordinaire Mom Amazes at Office Farewell Party. If you don’t already know, my pie baking mentor and wonderfully-talented mother, will be relocating (permanently) to my neck of the woods, up from the great state of Texas. Today, in fact, was her last day on the job. But the staff there had one final request of her. To see if she could bring into the office, some of her delicious homemade pie recipes for a ‘send-off’ none would soon forget. How could she refuse?! Read More

A Busy Week of Making Pies

Last week was one of the busiest weeks I’ve ever had as an aspiring pie baker and making pies, but boy was it fun! From baking multiple pie recipes, which for me, was a first, for a graduation party – to putting on a pie baking competition for my daughter’s soccer team at their team dinner, I knew way before hand that the week would silly crazy!

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Best Pie Recipes for the Week of May 6th

Best Pie Recipes for the Week of May 6th! Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone is starting off the day and has at least SOME idea of what they’re going to do over the weekend? Not sure how it is in your part of the country (or world), but here in the southern part of Idaho, its a bit cool, a little windy, but all good. We needed a few days break after the heat we’ve been getting for the past week. And, if you don’t have concrete plans for the weekend, or are just ‘playing it by ear’ so-to-speak, I’ve got a great round-up of the Best Pie Recipes I’ve managed to come across this past week. Take a peek, see what peeks your interest, and please return and comment how it turned out!

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Measurement and Conversion Chart for Rhubarb Stalks

At the time of writing up this guide, my experience at making pie recipes using Rhubarb stalks was limited to one single solitary Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. It turns out, not surprisingly, that rhubarb pie recipes are quite common and frequently requested. The challenge with this, that I quickly discovered, is understanding how many rhubarb stalks I needed for a cup of chopped rhubarb. So I put together this handy guide on HOW TO MEASURE RHUBARB to help me (and YOU) out, when baking up that next rhubarb pie recipe!

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