The Funky Taco

The Funky Taco. I don’t know if this will become a weekly or b-weekly feature here on the Pie Addict, but carving out a day to visit and eat at some of Boise’s awesome lunch hangouts is pretty fun?! This week, my foodie associate, Nathan and I, as well as several others took a walk down the block to Boise’s ‘food row’ on 8th street downtown and visited The Funky Taco!

At the direction of Nathan, We arrived at The Funky Taco, on the corner of 8th and Bannock at 11:30am sharp. This was all by design! The place was mostly empty, as the workplace lunch crowds and local high school students had not yet brought Holy Hell into the area yet. This strategy proved to be a spot on. Within minutes of us ordering and receiving our food, the place was packed to the walls with the ordering line winding its way outside.

The Funky Taco
The Funky Taco – 801 W Bannock St., Boise, Idaho 83702

The Funky Taco prides itself on using locally grown products and an emphasis on Asian, Indian, Mexican, and Americana ethnic flavor. If you take a peek at the menu here, you’ll get what I mean.

For this first inaugural trip for me, I chose the Chicken Roja tacos. You get two good-size tacos in every dish, and having had tacos at other spots around town, these are quite large in size. So if you, like I almost did, assume that TWO TACOS IS NOT ENOUGH, think again. It should be plenty.

The Funky Taco – Chicken Roja Tacos

The Chicken Roja tacos had charcoal’d chicken thigh (I can still smell the charcoal’d aroma on me, hours after having eaten) ,house roja, char’d pep/onion, arugula, ballard feta and garnished with two thin slices of radish.

The chicken dominated the taste buds right off the bat and the ballard feta, for me anyways, added a great after taste, mixed with everything else.

Thank goodness there were others at the table, which meant there was conversation, because otherwise, I would have shoveled these tacos down in no time. I guess there is SOME purpose to conversation right?

The portion size was just right, so you didn’t have to shuffle back to the office in a ‘food coma’ and curl up under your desk for a good ‘post-lunch’ power nap.

I must admit I could have easily woof’d down a couple more, but there is some truth to EATING IN MODERATION, so I’m glad I didn’t order a couple to go (as I was so very close to doing).

Last Piece of Advice

WHEN, you get to The Funky Taco, be sure to arrive before the lunch time rush. The weather is the best in the country right now and the downtown Boise lunch scene is as vibrant as ever. We got there at 1130AM which was near PERFECT! The crowds hit shortly after and I felt sorry for those 20 deep in line, so plan accordingly.

We had lingered a little longer at our table after eating than we should have and were asked to leave (politely, mind you) as the capacity was near bursting. No harm no foul, they’re a new and popular food spot, and we were in the way of greatness!

The Funky Taco –

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