bourbon peach hand pies

Bourbon Peach Hand Pies | Deliciously small and just the right portion of flaky, bourbon-frosted delight, filled with juicy sweet peaches, doused and flavored with Jim Beam’s finest Bourbon!

I know! You’re probably like…WHAT IN THE WORLD?! Didn’t you JUST bake up a batch of homemade cherry hand pies?! Yeah, yeah, but today is a different day! And also, once I latch onto something good, I’m like my Wookie (translation: My dog Woody) and a good flavored piece of rawhide! I don’t let go until I’ve chewed it up and licked my chops!

I had hand pies on the mind and sky was the limit with the number of inventive and delicious hand pie recipes available. I’ve seen apple, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry hand pie recipes, you name it, there’s one out there. But as luck would have it, I got caught up in a conversation at work about peaches and BOOM! There was my next idea for a hand pie. So I went to my favorite GO-TO, Pinterest, and scoured for peach hand pies. It didn’t take long before I came across a recipe for BOURBON PEACH HAND PIES. I had my peaches, my hand pies, and I had a little booze. ‘Nuff said!

The recipe I used from Land O Lakes – Bourbon Peach hand Pies

My only deviation from the original recipe was to use my own recipe for the flaky, buttered crust. The only other addition I made was to double the amount of peaches used (also doubling the quantity of ingredients) because I could right away that two cups of peaches wasn’t going to do the trick. Not by a long shot. And, as it turned out, 4 cups of peaches made an ample number of hand pies.

For the Bourbon, I used none other than Jim Beam Bourbon. Though I’m sure any Bourbon would do? Although why WOULDN’T you use Jim Beam? Just sayin’ LOL!

bourbon peach hand pies
Bourbon Peach Hand Pies

I want to make note of one other amazing ingredient in this recipe. The Frosting!

Of course, I had just come off making a cherry hand pie recipe, which also called for a drizzle of homemade frosting. The difference however, between that one and the one needed for these Bourbon Peach hand Pies, was that the latter was thicker and more prominent, and really stood out, much more so, than the frosting made for the cherry hand pies.

Don’t get me wrong. The frosting for the cherry hand pies was good, and if you want a ‘lighter’ coat of frosting then the recipe for that frosting is what you want (powdered sugar and milk).

For a thicker frosting, you’ll definitely want to use the one used for the Bourbon Peach hand Pies which consisted of powdered sugar, Bourbon and HALF AND HALF. Lions and Tigers and Bears oh Heavens MY!

Using half and half, the frosting was thicker and creamier and really resembled frosting you may see on pastries in a bakery. Add to that, the fact that Bourbon was a chief ingredient in the frosting and you have something that really makes the Bourbon Peach hand Pie really POP! with flavor.

Bourbon Peach Hand Pies

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but hand pies are THE PERFECT portion for any sweet tooth fix.

I baked my pies a little longer than the time specified in the recipe. I suppose everyone’s oven is different, and mine took a bit longer to brown that crust just the way I wanted it. No big deal, but something to take into consideration. The time specified in recipes are more like guidelines. You’ll have to be the final judge as to when you think your pies are done.

Once I took them out, piping hot, peach juices bubbling up through small fissures in the crust, I drizzled each one with a spoonful of thick, sweet frosting. It ran slowly down the sides of the hand pies like lava, then quickly cooled to form a layer sweetie delight!

peach hand pies
Bourbon Peach hand Pies

Much like the cherry hand pies I had just baked, these had the same layered flakiness as those, but with an added bit of sweetness from the frosting. The peach filling was great (it could’ve been a little more “flavorful” but it was still good), and the portions were a little more measured and appropriate than the cherry hand pie filling (where I tended to overfill just a tad). The Bourbon had pretty much ‘burned off’ during the baking process but it would’ve been nice to have at least some of that carry through. I may add a tad bit more Bourbon next time I make these.

peach pie
Bourbon peach Hand Pie

Not going to lie though, the Bourbon Peach hand Pies were amazing. I liked them just as much (maybe even a tad bit more because I love peaches) as the cherry hand pies. There are a few things I’d like to try next time I make these so be sure to re-visit this post as I will update it with any new findings down the road!

peach hand pies
Bourbon Peach Hand Pies

Happy Pie Baking!

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