Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day to all. I hope that your day was as fulfilling as mine was!

Took the wife out to lunch at Boise’s YARDHOUSE restaurant and then – AT HER REQUEST – went long boarding down at the park. The whole family. It was different, but marvelous. The ride was nearly perfect until the Wife had a slight spill after hitting a rock on the path. She got a couple scrapes and even drew a bit of blood but was back on her feet and carrying on like normal in no time. She’s tough as a cookie!

Happy Mothers Day!

happy mothers day

In any case, the day was wonderful, filled with laughs, good food and once again, fond memories. I hope yours was the same!

Lemon Pie Recipe Dishes for Spring

There’s nothing like Lemon Pie on a breezy, clear Spring day, right? And this is especially true if you’ve NEVER had the pleasure of tasting a well-to-do Lemon Pie Recipe? But rest assured, rather than scour the Internet for delicious yet simple-to-make Lemon Pie Recipes, I have taken the liberty of doing the hard work for you, and have listed 10 Lemon Pie Recipes that I have found to be both relatively easy to make, and OH-so tasteful!

Lemon Pie Recipe Dishes

Lemon Cream Pie by Cookies & Cups

lemon pie recipe

Magnolia Lemon Pie by Joanna Gaines & Featured on The Girl Who Ate Everything

lemon pie recipe

Scratch Made Homemade Lemon Meringue Pie on Rock Recipes

lemon pie recipe

Arizona Sunshine Lemon Pie on Baked in Arizona

lemon pie recipes

Easy Meyer Lemon Pie on Tidy Mom

meyer lemon pie

Aunt Tootsie’s Lemon Meringue Pie from Crazy for Crust

lemon pie recipe

Easy Southern Lemon Icebox Pie from FOOD.COM

lemon pies

Lemon Pie Bars from Noshing with the Nolands

lemon pie bars

Creamy Lemon and Blueberry Pie from Dessert Now Dinner Later

lemon blueberry pie

Cream Cheese Lemonade Pie from Great Grub Delicious Treats

lemon pie recipes

Lemon Impossible Pie from Love Foodies

lemon impossible pie

7 Great Flaky Gluten Free Pie Crust Recipes

The wait is over! You’ve been dying to find Gluten Free recipes for all your favorite desserts (most notably PIE) and although there are a multitude of choices out there, its easy to get overwhelmed by the hundreds (maybe thousands) of recipe choices. Well look no further. I’ve gathered together a great list for you to start with. Here are my picks for the Best Flaky Gluten Free Pie Crust Recipes.

7 Great Flaky Gluten Free Pie Crust Recipes

The Best Gluten Free Pie Crust by Comfortably Domestic

flaky gluten free pie crust

Best Ever Gluten Free Pie Crust by Mamagourmand

flaky gluten free pie crust

Coconut Flour Pie Crust by Sweet as Honey

flaky gluten free pie crust

Vegan & Gluten-Free Pie Crust by Nerdy Mamma

flaky gluten free pie crust

Almond Flour Pie Crust Recipe by Mommy Potamus

almond flour pie crust

Coconut Cashew Tart Crust by Sweet As Honey

Flaky Gluten Free Pie Crust

Three Ingredient Keto Pie Crust by Meat Free Keto

Flaky Gluten Free Pie Crust

3 Pies Baked in Two Days! Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! Pi (π) is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and is a constant number, meaning that for all circles of any size, Pi will be the same. The diameter of a circle is the distance from edge to BLAH BLAH BLAH!! What Pi(e) Day really means, is that today is just another excuse to make, bake and devour delicious PIE without a care in the world! So that’s just what the Hell I plan to do! Happy PIE Day everyone! Now let’s take a look at what I’ve been baking for the last two days!

I have been so damn busy with so many other projects that some of my REAL passions have fallen by the wayside – The PIE ADDICT included. Oh, I’ve been experimenting with and trying my hand at various recipes both pie-related and not, but just haven’t had the time to talk a whole lot about the challenges and disasters I put myself through. In any case, I’m back now and what better day to tackle my favorite subject – PIE, than a day like today – Pi DAY!

First up – A Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie

Over the past weekend, I managed to squeeze in some ME-TIME in the kitchen (Wife was out and about around town, daughter was keeping to herself in her room, boys were at work, dog – laid out, basking in the warmth of the sunlight that spilled through the back windows), and tackle a pie project I had been so eagerly waiting for the opportunity to try – A Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie.

Who doesn’t like a good Cinnamon Roll? Now think about a warm, sweet (but tart) apple pie? Now put both of these awesome creations together? I’m telling you, you can’t imagine what that would taste like, and neither could I, but I really really wanted to! So I just happened to come across a quick and easy recipe on BUZZFEED on a recent article titled – You’ve Been Making Apple Pie Wrong This Entire Time. The recipe list was surprisingly short and a neat video accompanied it:

Now, I will be the first to admit to myself that I am really just an amateur when it comes to baking and pie making, so it was surprise that mine did not turn out the way it should have. Nor was it as simple (for ME anyways…) to put together. But I will tell you this, what I did taste was amazing! Indescribable! And I will definitely be making this again here in the next few weeks, now that I have TRIED to do it once and know now what I need to do to perfect my process.

Just a few things I FAILED on and will do better next time around:

  • Crust. Rolling out the cinnamon rolls (as seen in the video) was a bit more challenging to me than the pro in the video. The ‘sticky’ nature of the cinnamon roll slices gave me issues, sticking to my rolling pin and the rolling mat. I used flour per the video, however I had to use MORE than what they used, which created sort of a mess.
  • Baking. The baking time used in the video recipe was not remotely close to how long I needed to bake mine for (and this could be because I was using an older oven?). I have to bake, maybe another 20 minutes beyond, to get my top crust brown, and as I mention below, even this added time was not nearly enough. The apples also could have used even a little more time.
  • Pre-Bake. The bottom cinnamon roll crust layer was uncooked and gooey. Even after baking mine for another 20min or so, the bottom crust was a mess. Could be from a variety of things, including the juice from the apples. I’m not sure, but I have some ideas I may try the next time around. So the pie wasn’t really edible (at least all the way the down to the bottom crust). I am thinking I may consider ‘pre-baking the bottom cinnamon roll crust just to make sure? We’ll see…
  • Pie Filling. Also, I may have put a little too many apples in the pie? I tend to go heavy )or, heavier) on the pie filling and this may have attributed to the bottom crust not baking. Will learn to follow directions a little closer in the future!

Here are some images from my own attempts:
happy pi day

Happy Pi Day

happy pi day

happy pi day

happy pi day

So not the best experience for me out of the gates with this one, but from what I was able to taste, this could end up being one of my signature dishes. Stay tuned for more on this!

A Fan Favorite – Strawberries and Cream Pie

A close family friend of ours, recently added a new member to the roster, a little baby boy. So in light of this most awesome of events, I through together a fan favorite, my Strawberry and Cream Pie, with graham cracker crust. It never fails to please and it has become almost second nature now, for me to through this together. So, good pie for a good cause. Everyone is happy!
happy pie day

And lastly – The Skillet Apple Pie

And finally, for Pi Day, the local Indoor Soccer Arena (of which my wife and I frequent and play at), decided to have a Happy Pie Day potluck event this evening. So I was tasked with bringing a pie, of course. The Skillet Apple Pie is both delicious and one of my largest of pie dishes, so I elected to bake it for the festivities tonight.

In a matter of days I whipped out three pie dishes and by the end of the week, I will have added to that number – making a Brownie Bottom Pumpkin Cream Pie for my lovely daughter’s twelfth birthday (as per HER request).

Not a bad few days….

Happy Pi Day everyone!

My 3 Most Popular Pies Made in 2016

Well 2016 is nearly over and as I look back on my experiences with baking pie for a full year, I can honestly say I have learned A LOT! I have learned how to use different tools and appliances, different techniques, different ingredients and recipes. What I have also learned is that there are certain pies which have become an extremely popular request from family friends and acquaintances. Want to know what Popular Pies everyone has been craving? Come on in.

Popular Pies in 2016

The Skillet Apple Pie

popular pies
No pie has been more popular than my Skillet Apple Pie. ‘As American as Apple Pie’ is an understatement in this household, as more ‘Granny Smith’ apples have perished, in the making of this fantastically flavorful dish, in my kitchen than any other.

I have made these pies for events, for birthdays, for pot lucks, and just because. And these are requests that are made from friends and associates to both myself and my wife from both our ‘daytime’ working jobs. Word gets around and when people want pie, the Skillet Apple Pie has been the most popular of my Popular Pies throughout the year!

Strawberries & Cream Pie

popular pies
What started out as my daughter’s HANDS-DOWN favorite pie of all-time, has quickly ascended the ranks to become my second-most requested of my Popular Pies of 2016. Forget the notion that this is the perfect pie for those hot Summer days. I have made this Pie in every changing season from Summer and all the way through the single digit temps of the Winter (In Boise, Idaho anyways).

Triple Berry Pie

popular pies
Everyone loves berries. My family’s favorites has steadily rested upon my Blackberry Pie, but outside the home, the fan favorite has been the Triple berry (or, Mixed Berry) pie recipe.

Taking all three of nature’s magnificent creations – blackberries, raspberries and blueberries and allowing us to throw them together under one warm, buttery crust blanket. It’s relatively plain (as the above mentioned popular pies go…), but no less delicious. It’s a good thing too, that these are relatively simple to make, since I have made a BUNCH of them over 2016 and I anticipate many, MANY more to come in 2017.

How to Keep Pie Crust from Shrinking

How to Keep Pie Crust from Shrinking? To understand this, let’s first touch on the process of blind baking. Blind baking a pie crust is essentially baking just the bottom pie crust. Why would you do something like this?

Blind baking insures that the pie shell gets baked all the way through – which in turn prevents the bottom of the crust from getting soggy. You would blind bake a pie crust when the pie recipe calls for a filling that doesn’t need to be cooked, such as chocolate pudding or pastry cream and fresh fruit.

The trick with blind baking however, is since there is no filling to take up the space in the pie dish, the pie crust tends to shrink as it bakes. this of course, presents a number of problems.

So, how to keep pie crust from shrinking? There are a couple methods you can use, to blind bake a pie crust and not have it shrink, one of which is a pretty common method of addressing this. Using PIE WEIGHTS.

You could use dried beans to act as a ‘weight’, and keep the pie crust down OR you can purchase specialty-crafted, PIE WEIGHTS from Amazon.com that you can use over and over again, each and every time you blind bake that work very good as well.

The second method I would recommend is one described in the video below by Christopher Kimball, where he creates a no-shrink pie dough. See for your self below…

How to Make Christopher Kimball’s No-Shrink Pie Dough

11 Essential Tools For The Perfect Pie Crust

The perfect pie crust. There are many who would argue that the most important part of a pie is the crust. And I’m not just talking about the taste and texture of the crust but the look or ‘presentation of the pie crust as well. There are a number of techniques and tips I can offer with regards to ‘shaping’ and forming pie crusts in decorative works of art, but that is for another day and time! What I’ve listed below are a number of ESSENTIAL pie pastry tools, every aspiring and practicing pie baker should have, in their kitchen, to assist them in not only making a magnificent pie, but also the PERFECT PIE CRUST.

Most importantly, is that I either own or have tried each and every pie crust tool on this list, so I can speak from some aspect of experience at having at least used these tools in some capacity.

So without further ado, here are 11 tools for the perfect pie crust:


pastry-blenderOrblue Pastry Cutter Stainless Steel
Superior Quality - The Professional Dough Blender is engineered from stainless steel construction so it will NOT break, bend or rust. This pastry cutter was meticulously designed to serve you for years and decades to come.

Effortless Mixing - This pastry blender with blades quickly cut butter or margarine into dry ingredients such as flour, sugar or baking powder, combining a set of wet and dry ingredients seamlessly so you can bake your pie crust or cookie like a boss.

Check Current Pricing


lattice-dough-cutterPrince Lattice Dough Cutter
Arranging a lattice crust is not difficult. It may at first look quite challenging, but after you've done it a few times, you'll see it really isn't too tough. That being said, there are pretty nifty tools like this lattice dough cutter, that I have used a few times already, that can make things easier and quicker.

Definitely a useful item to have on the shelf, to try out from time to time.

Check Current Pricing

nordic-pie-cutterNordic Ware Lattice & Hearts Pie Top Cutter
My mother one day surprised me, with the Nordic Ware Lattice & Hearts Pie Top Cutter. I hadn't really been looking at getting into decorative pie crusts initially as I was still learning the trade. But over time when I started to venture into more creative recipes and presentation, this hearts pie crust cutter became a much more valuable piece of equipment.

I'll tell you what, the designs you can make are really quite cool, especially after you have baked the pie.

Check Current Pricing

wilton-pie-crust-cutterWilton Double Cut Out Pie Crust Cutters
Like the Nordic Ware item above, these decorative pie crust cutters only add to the deliciousness of your pie dish by sprucing up the top crust some. I use these quite often actually when I'm making pies for events, or special occasions. Nice when you have some dough scraps to put to good use.

Check Current Pricing


marble pastry boardFox Run White Marble Pastry Board
I got my marble pastry board shortly after I purchased the marble rolling pin. No, I didn't need a matching set. I liked the fact that the marble enables these tools to stay cold, which is EVERYTHING when it comes to working with pie pastry in an efficient manner. The marble board coupled with my rolling pin made keeping pie pastry cold amazingly easy.

Check Current Pricing


pastry shieldTalisman Designs Adjustable Pie Crust Shield
Your pie crust edges will be the first to burn and crisp up when baking, so its in your best interest to not let that happen. You could try the cheap and relatively crude method of wrapping some foil around the edges or the REAL easy way by using a pie shield. I've used both methods and I'll you what, the pie shield is quick and easy and inexpensive. Trust me, I've used both.

Check Current Pricing


Easy No-Mess Pie Crust Maker BagMrs. Anderson’s Baking Easy No-Mess Pie Crust Maker Bag
I would almost consider Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Easy No-Mess Pie Crust Maker Bag cheating, but really, can it be considered 'cheating' when your pie crust is PERFECTLY measured in size and thickness to make that most awesome of pie recipes? I didn't know what a pie bag was until I picked this up and tried it. Very very cool!

Check Current Pricing


Pie WeightsPerfect Crust Pie Stainless Steel Weight Chain
Pre-baking (baking blind) pie crust is quite the common act for the aspiring and avid pie baker. I must admit, I used to use dried beans when I first started out, but have since 'upped' my pie baking game by using this weight chain. I like how you can 'shape' it much better than a mound of beans. When you're ready to start really making things look good, this is a good substitute to have over dried beans for pre-baking.

Check Current Pricing


pastry scraperOXO Good Grips Multi-purpose Stainless Steel Scraper
I consider my pastry cutter to be one of the most indispensable pie pastry tools in my kitchen. I don't entirely know what they're SUPPOSED to be used for, but I use them to scrap dough from my rolling pin, scoop up pastry from my pastry board and mat, break up dough, you name it. A great organizational and 'clean-up' tool that's for sure.

I have several on-hand but I like my Orblue because of the grip. Just extra assurance when your hands have butter, or flour or some other slippery substance on them.

Check Current Pricing


Rolling PinMarble Rolling Pin and Base, White
How many rolling pins do you have in your kitchen? Be honest now! And don't be ashamed if you have several, obtained over the many years you have been honing your pie baking craft! I have several, with one being this marble beauty! It's heavy, which I like as you don't have to exert so much energy rolling out pie pastry, and its cool surface is nice to help prevent your dough sticking to it.

In fact, if you toss it in the freezer for 15-20min before using, that's even better.

Check Current Pricing

french rolling pinThe Original French Rolling Pin
Like many pie bakers (and homemade pizza connoisseurs...), I started my pie baking adventures using a standard CLASSIC wooden rolling pin. It's what my mom used and so naturally that is what I adopted. Since that time however, I have since migrated to the French style rolling pin, which although challenging at first, has proven to give me much more control over rolling out pie dough.

Check Current Pricing

14 Oreo Cookie Pie Dishes | Quick & Easy To Make

Who doesn’t like Oreo cookies? How about oreo cookie pie? Even if the ‘waistline’ can’t handle devouring oreo cookies like we ALL did back in the day, you gotta admit, that somewhere in your youthful days you remember woofing those down. I have to come clean – I’ll be the first to declare that I haven’t eaten an oreo for some time. BUT, if you were to crush and mix oreo cookies into a cool, creamy pie dish or pie crust, I’d be first in line to get a mouthful, as I’m guessing, many of you would?

But don’t fret, I have 11 of the most delicious and SIMPLE to make oreo cookie pie recipes listed right here, for your consumption pleasure, should you wish to reminisce about the younger years!

Oreo Cookie Pie Recipes

oreo cookie pieNo-Bake Oreo Pie
Beth over at THE FIRST YEAR has put together a masterpiece and all-star ingredient list for this No-Bake Oreo Cookie Pie - Oreo crust, oreo cream cheese filling, chocolate ganache and topped with oreos.
This is definitely a recipe you walk into REALLY LIKING oreo cookies!
Heavenly Oreo Cookie Pie DessertHeavenly Oreo Dessert
Holly's about description on her site - LIFE IN THE LOFTHOUSE reads "...loves to create easy and delicious recipes." You got that right! Think Double-Stuffed Oreo cookies, chocolate pudding and cream cheese and go from there!
Peanut Butter Oreo PiePeanut Butter Oreo Cookie Pie
Are you serious? No-bake creamy peanut butter pie, with crushed Oreos, on top of an Oreo crust? Oreos AND Peanut Butter? I'm DONE! Total cook and prep time comes in a little over two hours, though I'm sure the wait will be worth it! Recipe from Taylor at GREENS & CHOCOLATE
Oreo Loves PieOreo Loves Pie
Danielle at TODAY'S THE BEST DAY had initially started with a more basic version of this pie over at KRAFT's site and has since AMP'd the deliciousness and look of that original recipe a hundred-fold. One of the highlights? This pie only needs 5 ingredients!
Oreo Overload Ice Cream PieOreo Overload Ice Cream Pie
Supposedly according to Julie at GLITTER & GOULASH this deep dish creamy icy delight only takes 15min to whip together? This doesn't account for some extended chill time in the freezer, but still, definitely a last minute dessert alternative yea?
Ooey Gooey Oreo Cookie PieOoey Gooey Oreo Pie
Straight from Ashton over at SOMETHING SWANKY - "If you’re an Oreo lover or a chocolate lover or a pie lover or anything in between– this pie is for you. It is intensely chocolate, packed with Oreos, and is the fudgiest thing you’ve ever laid your fork on." Embellish with hot fidge and vanilla ice cream and next thing you know, half the pie will be polished off before morning!
Lemon Oreo Icebox PieLemon Oreo Icebox Pie
Made with a lemon OREO crust, filled with a creamy lemon filling and topped with more crunchy lemon OREO cookies, Erin at DELIGHTFUL-E-MADE has set herself apart from the field of other delicious pie dishes by changing the game and using a rarely seen (and tasted) lemon oreo cookie. I have to admit, I really really would like to try this...
Oreo Snickers PieOreo Snickers Pie
Although the recipe from Kristyn at LIL' LUNA makes this list because of the oreo cookie pie crust, this recipe has sooooo much more to offer that you would really only discover AFTER you've cut into it. The magic of this recipe lies within!
No-Bake Chocolate Oreo Cookie PieNo-Bake Chocolate Oreo Pie
This pie is chocolate on chocolate on chocolate and according to Ashley at BAKER BY NATURE, not for the faint of heart. The first layer is a simple no-bake Oreo crust, which is topped with a chocolate ganache filling, which gets sprinkled with a full layer of crushed cookies. Rich, creamy, decadence in every bite! You can almost taste it right after reading this!
No Bake Oreo Cream PieNo-Bake Oreo Cream Pie
If you're a cookie and cream pie lover you won't want to miss out on giving this recipe a shot from Nikki at CHEF IN TRAINING - an easy homemade Oreo crust with a delicious creamy center and topped with whipped cream and chocolate.
Oreo Slab PieOreo Slab Pie
An oreo cookie slab pie by PILLSBURY. Cream cheese, whipping cream, crushed oreo cookies and hot fudge topping. It doesn't get much simpler than that does it? Also looks like you could feed an army so make sure you bring this to a good-sized event or gathering
No-Bake Chocolate Mint Oreo Cookie PieNo-Bake Chocolate Mint Oreo Cookie Pie
Thank you Kelly for bringing the Chocolate Mint recipe into the fray! Kelly at LIFE MADE SWEETER brings her 'A' game with a No Bake Chocolate Mint Oreo Pie, made with an easy Oreo cookie pie crust filled with a creamy cheesecake filling. Only takes just 10 minutes of prep at that!
3 Ingredient Frozen Oreo Cookie Pie3 Ingredient Frozen Oreo Cookie Pie
From Sharla and THE CHAOS AND THE CLUTTER comes a pie dish that would work equally well for dessert after supper or at a birthday party. And it just takes 3 INGREDIENTS!
Oreo Ice Cream PieOreo Ice Cream Pie
Maegan with THE BAKER MAMA and her Oreo ice cream pie loaded with crushed Oreos, chopped pecans and plenty of chocolate syrup to sanctify any sweet tooth. With this list of goodies in the mix I wouldn't dare argue with her. The presentation alone would have party goers circling the food table all night long!

A little bit from everything in this list of Oreo Cookie Pies from some of the best and most creative bakers across the Web, here, all in one place, on THE PIE ADDICT! From cream pies to ice cream pies, to regular, double stuffed and lemon oreo cookies, if you take the time to work your way down this list of recipes you will of covered a portion of the oreo cookie pies out there.

But as always, if you know of a recipe that defies all logic and deliciousness that you don’t see on this list, by all means let me know in the comment section and i’ll be sure to review and amend this list if necessary!

Happy Pie Baking!

A Huckleberry Recipe For You

You thought Idaho and potatoes were synonymous, try Idaho and huckleberries! Now I’ve had huckleberry pancakes (by the way, there’s a whole story surrounding these involving breakfast, a big track and field competition and winning a conference championship, but that’s for another time) and huckleberry syrup before, but I have never tasted nor had the opportunity to make a Huckleberry recipe like a Huckleberry pie, until now.

Did You Know…

That the huckleberry was designated the official state fruit of Idaho in 2000? In fact, Fourth-grade idaho huckleberriesstudents from Southside Elementary School in Bonner County proposed adopting the huckleberry as Idaho’s state fruit. Here’s a little more background on Idaho Huckleberries to get you up to speed.

The most common and popular is the black or thin-leaved huckleberry (Vaccinium membranaceum). Black huckleberries usually grow from 1 to 6 feet tall (taking up to 15 years to reach full maturity) with berries up to 1/2 inch in diameter. Black huckleberries produce single plump, dark purple berries in the axils of leaves on new shoots.

You HAVE to bake what’s growing in your backyard. And by ‘backyard’ I mean, what’s growing within your state. For you, it may be peaches (Georgia), or blackberries (Alabama or Kentucky) or apples (New York), but for me it’s huckleberries.

huckleberry recipe

I had been longing to put together a huckleberry recipe for as long as I have lived in Idaho and have just never got around to doing it. They grow wild all over the state, and when people find them, they covet the their location as if guarding a state secret – returning to that ‘secret’ location year after year to pick huckleberries. Grocery stores don’t carry them, but you can find them at corner outdoor markets all the time, for a pretty penny.

The particular market I found my huckleberries at were selling them at $18 a lbs (Ouch!) and I bought 3 lbs. worth. It was a ‘painful’ purchase but one I HAD to make.

Getting the huckleberries cleaned and prepped was both simple and challenging. They have tiny stems on them that you want to try to get off, but unless you want to spend hours doing so, you really just do the best that you can, when washing them. You won’t really notice them in the final product, but every now and then you will get a few. No biggie, but just something to be aware of.

huckleberry pie recipe

As I mentioned earlier, I had had huckleberry recipes before (pancakes, etc), but had never had a huckleberry recipe that had so many…..huckleberries, if that makes sense. In other words, eating a mouthful of sweetened huckleberries as opposed to a few speckled in pancakes. What I discovered is that it did require and acquired taste and that I could only eat so much (not nearly the size portions of pie that I could devour when it came to an apple or blackberry pie). So also be aware of that.

But, having said that, the pie did turn out wonderful. It was juicy, and the crust and huckleberries were fantastic when taken together. If I could describe the taste of a huckleberry, I’d say it tasted a bit like a blueberry with a somewhat different after taste. But you need to try it for yourself as everything tastes different to different folks.

huckleberry recipe

Below is a simple and quick Huckleberry Pie recipe for you. Like any pie, there are a lot of different ways to put them together, so continue to seek out and try different huckleberry recipes when you can.

Huckleberry Pie Recipe

Flaky Butter Pie Crust (any recipe will do, or you can just use mine!)

5½ cups fresh huckleberries, picked over (as best you can), rinsed and patted dry
1 cup granulated sugar
3 Tbs. light brown sugar
2 Tbs. fresh lemon juice
4 Tbs. minute tapioca (I used as is, or you can grind up for a finer texture)
⅛ tsp. ground cinnamon
¼ tsp. freshly ground nutmeg
⅛ tsp. salt

1 egg
1 Tbs. water


  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees
  2. In a large bowl, combine the huckleberries, granulated sugar, brown sugar, lemon juice, tapioca, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt. Carefully stir and turn the mixture until well combined. Set aside for at least 15 minutes so the tapioca can get soft and the sugar dissolves.
  3. Roll out one disk of refrigerated pie dough, to about ⅛ inches thick, and about 12 inches in diameter. Place dough into a 9 inch pie dish. Place the dish into the refrigerator while you roll out the dough for the top. Roll the top out to the same thickness.
  4. Pour the filling into the pie shell, then carefully cover with the second pie crust you rolled out. Trim where necessary and crimp the edges. Lightly brush with egg wash and sprinkle with turbinado sugar.
  5. Bake at 450 degrees for 20 minutes. Turn the heat down to 350 degrees and bake for an additional 30-60 minutes (I baked for the entire 60min….it helped with cutting back the juices). The time always varies! Just bake until the filling is bubbling. Cover the edges with aluminum foil or a pie shield if it’s getting too brown. Let cool completely before cutting or you’ll have some serious juice to contend with when you cut into it!

Tools Used

french rolling pinIt took me a few pies to get the hang of my French Rolling Pin, but when I did, I felt as if I had more ‘control’ when rolling out dough, so that it’s the right thickness. Try one out. They’re inexpensive and nice to have when you want to show off.

You can pick them at any local kitchen supply store I’m sure or here on Amazon for $13.49.


State Symbols USA – Idaho

4 Ways Mom’s Homemade Apple Pie Inspired Me

There’s nothing like being able to sit back, relax and enjoy a warm slice of SOMEONE ELSE’S apple pie. Even better, there’s nothing like enjoying a warm slice of MOM’S HOMEMADE APPLE PIE! But no surprise there, right? I mean, we can all lay claim to the fact that no one does it better than ‘MOM.’ But what makes MY MOM’S pie in particular stand out, is that every mouthful is not only nostalgic but inspiring! This same pie, consistent in flavor and texture for as long as I can remember is what both inspired and motivated me to become the pie baker I am today.

Mom's Homemade Apple Pie

4 Ways Mom’s Homemade Apple Pie Inspired Me

  1. A Pie Addict Is Born. This is the most obvious indication that Mom’s Homemade Apple had a profound affect on me and that is my current addiction to pie – forsaking virtually all other dessert dishes. Don’t get me wrong, I like cookies, cupcakes, and cakes, but they don’t hold a candle to pie. Not in my book anyways. And Mom’s apple pie did that to me.
  2. Watching a Master Baker at Work. Now, I doubt Mom would characterize herself as a Master Baker, but in my eyes, she was. Watching her over the years, toss together granny smith’s, sugar and spices, and somehow, despite measuring-out these ingredients by hand, able to CONSISTENTLY, fashion together pie dishes, I was convinced then as I still am today, that I was watching a Master Baker at work.
  3. Family Recipes Are Timeless.There is almost nothing more nostalgic than scooping a favorite dish into your mouth and being instantly transported back into your childhood or past. Food seems to have that effect, which is one of the reasons recipes are often passed down through generations. We don’t want to LOSE the way it tasted, the way it warmed our bellies, the way we rode the aromas all the way back. Each and every mouthful of mom’s apple pie does this for me, STILL, after all these years. Now THAT’s a timeless and magical recipe! It pushes and pulls you to REMEMBER. Remember good times and good eating, remember your childhood and youth, remember MOM, for all time! Now THAT’S a recipe!
  4. A Life Through Pie. Mom’s pies have not only inspired me to become better at baking but have also motivated me to take my lifelong love of good food to an entirely different level, by starting this blog – The Pie Addict. And this is only the beginning! What’s next for The Pie Addict, I cannot say. But what I will confirm is that as long as Mom’s Homemade Apple Pie is in my life, the sky (and beyond) is literally the limit!

57 Easy Homemade Pumpkin Pie Ideas For The Holidays

Classic Pumpkin Pie

Classic Pumpkin PieI’ve been making this version of pumpkin pie for sooo long I have absolutely no idea where I originally got the recipe. I have it written on a little recipe card that is more than a little tattered and stained but, obviously, well love! In the past, I have tried different pumpkin pie recipes just to make sure I had found THE one for me. I have to tell you, this one is, hands down, my all-time favorite…. [Via Gonna want seconds]

Mini Pumpkin Pies

Mini Pumpkin PiesYou need a 4-inch round cookie cutter (or bowl as a template) and a muffin tin. One box of 2 pie crusts gives you enough dough for 12 mini pies with pastry leaves (rerolling the scraps). Spray your muffin tin with cooking spray then place your circles of dough in and fill to the top with your pie filling. Mix pumpkin, sweetened condensed milk, eggs and pumpkin pie spice in large bowl until smooth. Pour into pastry lined muffin cups to the top. Top with a pastry leaf if desired. [Via Home is where the boat is]

Pumpkin Silk Pie

Pumpkin Silk PieTo make the pumpkin silk pie, start by making a ginger snaps cookie crust. Finely crush 32 ginger snaps. (I used Nabisco brand gingersnaps that came in a box in the cookie aisle.) Mix in melted butter and sugar. Press into springform pan. Bake at 325 degrees for 5 minutes. In the meantime, make the pumpkin silk filling. Beat softened cream cheese until light and fluffy. Add the powdered sugar, pumpkin puree… [Via The Gunny Sack]

Old Fashioned Pumpkin Pie

Old Fashion Pumpkin PieThe single most requested dessert at our Thanksgiving table is pumpkin pie. (The second being apple pie.) In fact, pumpkin pie is so synonymous with the holidays that during this time you can find “pumpkin spiced” everything, from lattes to donuts.
My friend Suzanne performed an experiment with her family and me. She baked two pumpkin pies, one using the purée and recipe from a can… [Via Simply Recipes]

Pumpkin Pie Crescents

Pumpkin Pie CrescentsIf you’re looking for a delicious and easy way to enjoy pumpkin pie, this is it! This Crescent Pumpkin Pie recipe is so easy that my 10 year old daughter was able to make it herself with just a little bit of guidance! In fact, she came up with this recipe idea! These are a fun dessert idea for the kids’ table at Thanksgiving! They’re the perfect finger food dessert! [Via Spend With Pennies]

Pumpkin Pie Bars

Pumpkin Pie BarsPumpkin pie has and most likely will always be a favorite of my family right after we visit the local pumpkin patch. Every year, once we get back home and hubby is practicing his carving I whip up a quick pumpkin pie. I love pie but has always been one of those desserts no matter how careful I’m it just doesn’t turn out pretty. [Via Roxana’s Home Baking]

Impossible Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

pumpkin-cupcakeA perfect time to introduce fall blockbuster….just like a apple pie, just like a Guardians of the Galaxy, just like being able to wear a pair of laid-back Levi’s jeans….Impossible pumpkin pie cupcakes. I know you’re probably surprised to see that picture of cupcakes up there because, as I’ve mentioned before, I usually do not like cupcakes. Personally, I think they’re too typical – Yet, I must say that this recipe is a huge departure from a typical cupcake. [Via CakesCottage]

Pumpkin Pie Truffles

pumpkin pie trufflesPut the oreos in a food processor and pulse until you have crumbs. Put the crumbs in a medium sized bowl & add the cream cheese, pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice & 2 tablespoons powdered sugar. Mix until combined.
Melt the white chocolate chips in the microwave. Add them to the pumpkin mixture and stir till incorporated. Put the mixture in the fridge (or freezer to save time) to chill… [Via Classic Clutter]

Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie

Pumpkin Cheesecake PieA delicious twist on a pumpkin cheesecake or pumpkin pie. So simple to make! Good for those who can’t get enough of pumpkin! Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). In a large bowl, combine cream cheese, sugar and vanilla. Beat until smooth. Blend in eggs one at a time. Remove 1 cup of batter and spread into bottom of crust; set aside. Add pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg… [Via Just a Pinch]

Marble Pumpkin Cheesecake

marble pumpkin cheesecakeA month away from Thanksgiving and I’m still struggling with the menu. It’s a funny story actually. If you had asked me two weeks ago I would have told you I have everything ready for Thanksgiving. I had written down when I have to go shopping, what I have to buy, when I should start my cooking and how many days in advance I could start baking. I was all set… [Via Roxana’s Home Baking]

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Pie

Pumpkin Sweet potatoThis riff on your fave marshmallow-topped side from childhood plonks the sweet dish squarely where it belongs—dessert. (As an aside, if you’ve decided you’re too mature for such seeming child’s play as marshmallows, you can eschew them and instead opt for a dollop of whipped cream. We, however, are partial to the marshmallow version of this pie. Preheat the oven to 350°F (176°C). [Via Leite’s Culinary]

No Bake 2-Layer Pumpkin Pie

2 layer pumpkin pieIf you are needing an easy fall or holiday pie this No Bake 2 Layer Pumpkin Pie Recipe will be great. We love making no bake pies when serving a crowd during the holidays. Anything that we can make ahead of time always makes the food prep on holidays so much more simple. I have a few pumpkin fans in my house and family so having many pumpkin desserts is a must. This No Bake 2 Layer Pumpkin Pie recipe is loaded up with great pumpkin flavor. [Via CincyShopper]

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Easy to Make Meringue Topping for Pies

I have made more cream pies in the last 6 or 7 months than I have made or eaten in the last 10 years. No doubt that my Pie Baking ventures have taken me to parts unknown and both far and wide. And one of the specifics that I have had to learn during this time is how to make a Meringue Topping.

What was surprising was how easy and quick it was to make a Meringue Topping. With ‘EASY’ and ‘QUICK’ being the operative words here! Because we all know how much OTHER preparation goes into putting together a pie dish, especially a cream pie, so anywhere in the process where you can limit the time it take to make something is great!

Where did I do to pick this most important of skills up? Better Homes and Gardens!

Better Homes and Gardens has a wonderfully SIMPLE, step-by-step, instructional list of what to do to whip up a quick, light meringue topping that melts in your mouth and adds a wonder flavor and texture to your fruit or pie dish.

Not to take any credit away from Better Homes and Gardens – if you would like to bookmark this quick and easy Meringue Topping recipe for your next pie dish, see – How to Make Meringue Topping for Pies on Better Homes and Gardens.

Last Note…

If you get a chance to make this recipe, come on back to The Pie Addict and in the comments below, let me know how it turned out, what you found easy or more difficult. We would love to share that with other readers! Happy Baking!

It’s Been A Blueberry Cream Pie, Labor Day Type of Weekend

The wife was out of here late Thursday afternoon on a plane bound for warmer climates for wedding and I had Friday off (from my day job), in a desperate attempt to ‘prolong’ my three-day Labor Day weekend. And what a weekend I had planned – daughter’s soccer game Saturday morning (What I looked forward to THE MOST actually), gym time to keep the gut in check, and pie making galore! The menu? A long-overdue, Banana Cream Pie for my great friends, The Snyders and a Blueberry Cream Pie for me and the daughter.

southwest airlines
A wedding in sunny, warm San Diego? Who could resist? Off the wife went, courtesy of Southwest Airlines, to southern California, to enjoy a wedding and all the festivities and livations that went with it. Love it, happy for you, have fun, alvitazen, gazuntite…farewell! I had two solid, full days of silly craziness planned and I wasted no time getting started!

One Banana Cream Pie For You…

Banana Cream Pie
I had promised a banana cream pie for our good family friends, The Snyders back on July 4th and had yet to deliver, so this had been ‘elevated’ to priority one status for things to get done this Labor Day weekend. I wasn’t a banana cream pie fan and had frankly never tried one, which is probably why I had procrastinated so long in making it. No biggie, it was gettin’ done this weekend!

Banana Cream Pie
Not surprisingly, there were literally a million ways to make a Banana Cream Pie, and although there were many similarities, there were also subtle differences between the available recipes. One of which being that although the dish is referred to as a – Banana Cream Pie, the only thing ‘BANANA’ in it, are the slices of bananas you put in it. The cream filling is essentially a vanilla filling with a whipped topping? BOOOOORRRRRING!

I found a recipe I liked, relatively quick and simple, and made a few substitutions to suit my own ‘VISION’ of what I felt a true Banana Cream Pie should be (even though I had NEVER tried one…).

The Banana Cream Pie recipe I used was this delightfully simple one posted by Sommer at a spicey Perspective. I copied the recipe for the most except when it came to the filling, where I substituted ‘vanilla pudding’ for a banana cream pie pudding mix. The result? A VERY tasty, creamy banana-flavored filling that only added to the fresh banana slices buried within. It was both explosive and light.

Baby Girl Goes Big on The Pitch…

For those that do not know, my daughter is my life. Yes, yes, I have two older, college sons that I am very, VERY proud of, but as most dad’s can understand, a daughter always holds a special place in a father’s life.

Daddys Girl

My little girl (well…my FIFTH grade, little girl…) had an early morning soccer match with her club team, and played exceptionally well. Not surprising, but being that the game was bright and early on a breezy, cool Saturday morning, I thought her performance was better than PAR for the day. Mind you, she is a night owl and getting her to bed on time can be challenging , so she’s not always the most ‘receptive’ little girl in the early morning. After she finished her game, she was then asked to help out another team in her club who was short players, which she did and performed like a champ.

Needless to say, she was excited, happy with her performance and energized, which energized me! Great Saturday so far, and it was only 11am. Time for pie number two!

Blueberry Cream Pie Ventures…

Blueberry Cream Pie
Nothing is worse than making a pie and then sending your ‘baby’ away without ever know just how special she was? That was the feeling I felt when I made the Banana Cream Pie and then ferried her away to the Snyders for systematic devouring! And, without ever having tasted the finished dish myself. Ugh! I mean, I know I can’t eat EVERYTHING I make but I should be at least able to SAMPLE the finished product eh?

Anyways, the Banana Cream Pie was gone but the CRAVING still lingered. I had to do something!

Cream Pie
I wanted a cream pie, had already done a strawberry cream pie, so on the advice from my daughter, ‘WE’ ultimately decided on a Blueberry Cream Pie.

Cream Pie
I had made a warm and delicious blueberry pie several times over, but now, I was going to turn that idea upside down, with blueberries both ‘chilled’ and rested on a soft bed of sweet, white cream.

Again, with recipes afoot, I settled on the Blueberry Sour Cream recipe by Jamie at Jamie Cooks It Up.

Blueberry Pie
I think the thing that I have come to love about cream pies since starting on this pie making venture, is the surprising number of ways you can put the cream filling together. I have had the opportunity to make many cream pies over the course of the year and nearly all of them have been made with slight differences between. In fact the Blueberry Cream Pie, cream filling involved the mixing of cream cheese, sour cream and cool whip? Strange bedfellows indeed, but a mix that created both a delightfully ‘fluffy’ and sour-sweet compliment to the blueberry filling that rested on top.

Blueberry Cream Pie

My daughter and I couldn’t wait to dig in (what’s new right?), and when that opportunity came, we delicately shoveled out a hefty slice (one slice, mind you…), and together, DECIMATED IT, like it was the last pie on earth. Daughter – thumbs up! Looked like yet another winner to add to the staple of past winning pie dishes.

blueberry sour cream pie

It was my first time, having a ‘chilled’ blueberry topping, but it was refreshing. The blueberries, sweetened from the sugar/corn starch process, exploding in your mouth with a powerful jolt, only to be ‘muffled’ and ‘extinguished’ with a creamy, smooth smothering of sour, whip and cream cheese. Only its ‘richness’ would prevent us from scarfing down another slice, for now…

Blueberry Cream pie

A wonderful dish and one that I can’t wait to make again. If you have other similar dishes that you have made, please share in the comments below. Or, if you have had the opportunity to throw together Jamie’s recipe, I would love to hear how it turned out as well? Thank you, and we’ll see you in the Baker’s Aisle!

Who Says Americans Don’t Love Pie?

I don’t think I truly remember a time growing up where I wasn’t either scarfing down or begging my mom to bake her famous Apple Pie. I mean, some of my fondest memories of eating good food, when growing up involved mom’s apple pie. Not cake, not cookies, not cupcakes, but sweet, flaky-crusted apple pie. So when I embarked on this ‘adventure’ in pie baking, imagine my surprise when all I seemed to see online were food blog after food blog of cupcake, cake and cookie bakers and no pie? Did Americans really not like pie? Well, as it turns out, American DID love pie, but mainly around one very important time of year….


You know? That wonderful time of year, where families get-together and celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas and of course, being able to eat any and everything under the sun, because they know they’ll be working their asses off come the first of the New Year! Holidays it turns out are HUGE PIE FREE DAYS where everyone casts aside their biases and dislikes and consumes pie like its the only thing on the planet. Cookies, cakes, cupcakes? What the Hell are those? It’s all about Thanksgiving pies and pie season come November and December and not just ANY pies but Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie and Strawberry Pie it turns out.

According to this very delicious looking inforgraphic, over 50% of the population craves these three pies over all others. Twenty percent crave Mom’s Apple Pie, 19% want Strawberry Pie (actually surprising, though I can’t blame ’em) and 16% look forward to diving into a Thanksgiving classic – Pumpkin Pie.

All smiles on this side of the screen, but I won’t lie, if its the last thing I get accomplished with this website, I WILL elevate the popularity of pie YEAR-ROUND by any means necessary! So let it be written….SO LET IT BE DONE!

Valentines Day Pictures From Shoshone Falls

Valentine’s Day. A day many women look forward to and many men dread. I can tell you, as a married man, the day holds a special kind of foreboding, and one that I soooo don’t look forward to. For me personally, I really do try my best to ‘one-up’ what I did the previous year, and that often times takes some creativity and research weeks before that dreadful day!

My wife is not one for big and lavish gifts. Of course, she wouldn’t mind it, but for her, just ‘doing something different or new’ holds just as much importance as some lavish and gaudy piece of jewelry or gadget. So what to do!

Over the Summer we had taken an exciting and more importantly ‘uneventful’ family vacation road trip that took us from Boise, to Las Vegas, across to California and Disneyland, up the coast to Santa Barbara, the Monterrey Bay Aquarium through Reno and back home. The wife especially had a good time on our short jaunt through Vegas so I decided early on to make Valentine Day reservations for one night in Jackpot, Nevada, just 2 hours south of Boise. Perfect!

Shoshone Falls to put on a Valentines Day show

The day before Valentine’s Day, the local news station put out this additional tidbit of information that Idaho Power would be releasing additional water into Shoshone Falls, creating a most spectacular sight for the day. Again PERFECT! Shoshone Falls was on the way to Jackpot, plus my wife nor I have never been. SWEET!! Shoshone Falls was added to the day’s events.

Valentine’s Day
We left Boise on Valentine’s Day afternoon, and our 9yr old daughter in the capable hands of her older college-aged brothers, and made our way briskly to Twin Falls, Idaho and down narrow cliff-side roads to the majestic Shoshone Falls. Being our very first time visiting the falls, and on a day such as this when the water spilled down steep cliffs in tsunami sized fashion, it was the perfect choice for us and my wife.

Valentines Day Pictures of Shoshone Falls


Valentines day pictures

Jackpot, Nevada

Jackpot Nevada
Jackpot isn’t much to gawk at. A small border ‘outpost’ situated in the middle of nowhere just across the Idaho state line into Nevada. It boasts an awe inspiring 4 or so small casinos, with the largest being Cactus Pete’s.

Although my gambling ‘luck’ was as dismall as the ninth plane of Hell, the wife’s luck on this most awesome of days for her couldn’t of been any better as she won literally ‘hundreds’ on the slots, which ended up capping off Valentine’s Day on as high as note as could be conjured.

And with that, another successful Valentine’s Day was in the books, but I KNOW I couldn’t of been the only ‘lucky’ soul out there to survive this day unscathed. Let’s hear from you? How did Valentine’s Day go on your end?

Fundamentals: How To Correctly Crack Eggs

Seems simple enough right? We’ve all cracked eggs at some point in our lives while preparing a meal, be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The thing is, like everything else there is a right and wrong way to do something. Or maybe more accurately, a more ‘efficient’ way to do things. In this instance, here is the more efficient way to crack eggs when preparing that next great dish!

Daniel Gritzer over at Serious Eats describes in great detail his time spent with legendary chef André Soltner making of all things, omelets. See Daniel’s creative way of depicting step by step how we should be properly cracking eggs!

See the article here – How to Crack Eggs Like a Badass

Essentials: Apple Pro Peeler

I’m not going to lie, I’ve always had a rather ‘lazy’ side to me [who doesn’t at times right?], but rather than shun and hide this minor ‘blemish’ in my character, I’ve learned to embrace it and use to my advantage. How? By using this laziness to help me find more efficient and quicker ways at accomplishing tasks – specifically, peeling apples in preparation of baking a delicious apple pie.

I had long peeled apples by hand, like most of you, and had done it so many times that it had almost become second nature. I could peel in my sleep. But being one for change and a technology geek since birth, you could imagine my glee when a package showed up on my doorstep from my loving mother in Texas, that contained non-other than a Starfrit Apple Pro-Peeler!

Apple Pro Peeler
Easy to set-up right out of the box [which I love], I had the Apple Pro Peeler out, and on the counter ready to go to work.

After having rinsed off my bowl of deep green and delicious Granny Smith’s, one by one, I gently pressed each apple, on to the steel prongs that held the apple upright. Then, rotating a small handle, I turned slowly, raising the peeling blade up against the apple and around. The apple skin peeled away effortlessly and quick, leaving a long tail of skin curled up at the base of the Apple Pro Peeler. One apple done in mere seconds, I lifted it from the prongs and situated another.

Apple Pro Peeler
Simple. Quick. Efficient. It was almost scary how fast I could churn through 6 Granny Smith’s, my thoughts already wandering to how many pies I could whip out with such at device at my command!

Sur La Table Has come to Boise!

Although my hopeless addiction to pie has been virtually over a lifetime, my recent ‘preoccupation’ with learning to make and bake my own pies has led me to another infatuation, and that is to acquire and become expert at any and all kitchen tools, utensils and devices that can aid me in addressing my current flaky crust, fruity additions. You can then imagine my delight when Sur La Table opened up one of their newest boutique right here in my own backyard!

Sur La Table – The Art and Soul of Cooking has really out-done itself with its newly, minted shop at the Village at Meridian. To say that I felt as a kid in a candy store would be a dramatic understatement. To put this into better perspective, I love books. I can spend literally hours browsing and ‘loitering’ in Barnes and Nobles. The book store is my ‘happy place’ on Earth. I wish I could own a book store just so I could have the pleasure at working in it every day. Sur La Table could easily trump my love of bookstores. The mere experience at walking through those glass doors, and in and among the maze of shelves and floor displays of kitchen Heaven was more than I could have possibly imagined or prepared myself for.

Maybe it was, up until a couple years ago, I could’ve accompanied my wife into a kitchen store and thought nothing of it. My face most likely buried into the digital display of my phone and the latest Facebook post or tweet, oblivious to the shiny, stainless steel craftmanship of latest Kitchenaid mixers and blenders. But after my new-found ‘religion’ in pies, and the process and tools that go into making them, I could not help myself, but to stop and gawk at virtually every display in the store.

It didn’t matter what it was.

I went through bake-ware and cookware, mixers, blenders and slow cookers. Pie dishes, pastry mats and utensils. I instantly went from just wanting to get the latest and greatest in tools I’ll need for pie-making to wanting to design and fashion the ultimate kitchen. It was both fun and entertaining, and although I didn’t walk out empty-handed, I swore to myself that I would be back and better prepared to pack my shopping basket to a point of silliness. What did I buy?

Pastry Mat

The days of chasing my wax paper around the kitchen counter as I roll out my dough are over! The Sur La Table nonstick silicone Pastry Mat, complete with charts to help guide you as you prepare your pie crust for the appropriate pie dish. Nice!

In addition I was also able to obtain the latest calendars of up-and coming cooking courses being offered by Sur La Table, to which I immediately began highlighting the courses I would very soon be signing up for, most notably being the Pie & Tart Workshop being offered in October. Oh the future is looking bright!

Foodie Film Review – The Hundred Foot Journey

Last weekend the wife and I decided to tackle a late, Sunday night movie. It was a little bold, being that we both had to work, but it was a spontaneous, last second decision and one, I might add, that was well worth the exhaustion we had to endure the following day. What did we see? A foodie-lover dream of a film, The Hundred Foot Journey, Produced by Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey.

Film Plot

The story opens up in Mumbai, India, when a family restaurant run by ‘Papa’ (Om Puri) and his family, ends up being destroyed by a mob upset over an local election dispute. Papa and his family successfully evacuate the guests; however Papa’s wife is killed in the fire set at the restaurant. Seeking asylum in Europe, the family first settles in London; however their residence proves ill-suited to run a restaurant from (they are literally living just at the edge of the airport runway at Heathrow Airport), and eventually they depart for mainland Europe.

Shortly after crossing the border into France the brakes on Papa’s vehicle fail, which results in the family being forced to stay a night in a nearby French village. Marguerite (Charlotte Le Bon), a local resident and sous chef at an upscale French restaurant in town, helps the family by volunteering the location of an auto repair shop and guest house in the town, as well as providing food for the travel-weary family. Papa is amazed at the quality of the food in the village and its availability, and learns of an abandoned restaurant building on the outskirts of town available for purchase. Seeing this as divine providence, Papa decides to open an Indian restaurant in the village.

Upon learning of Papa’s plan to open an Indian restaurant across the street, Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren), the widowed owner of the upscale French restaurant, attempts to discourage the Indians from proceeding with their plans. After sabotaging Papa’s family by purchasing all the locally available ingredients needed to cook their dishes on opening night, a cold war erupts between Papa and Madame Mallory. The war peaks on Bastille Day, when one of Madame Mallory’s cooks and a pair of his friends vandalize the Indian restaurant by spray painting the outer wall and setting fire to the restaurant’s interior with firebombs. Hassan Haji (Manish Dayal), Papa’s eldest son and premier chef, catches the would be arsonists in the act and scares them off, but in an attempt to extinguish the small fires within the family restaurant his hands end up getting burned.

the hundred foot journey

The following morning, Madame Mallory convenes a meeting of her chefs and asks them if they know the words to La Marseillaise. After citing lines from the song concerning equality and justice, she dismisses the cook from her restaurant responsible for the vandalism and then voluntarily cleans up the graffiti, herself in the midst of a torrential rain storm.

Hassan, having heard that Madame Mallory hires potential chefs by taste testing an omelet they prepare for her, asks if he may cook an omelet for her to try. Citing his injured hands, he says that Madame Mallory will have to help him with the process. After sampling his cooking, Madame Mallory concedes to his potential to be a great chef and invites him to cook for her against the wishes of Papa and his family. Ultimately, Hassan, Papa, and Madam Mallory reach an agreement to allow Hassan to cook in Madam Mallory’s restaurant. Hassan’s cooking proves popular and unconventional enough to result in Madam Mallory’s restaurant receiving its second Michelin Star, an elite honor bestowed on only a handful of restaurants in Europe. The award draws national attention to Hassan’s cooking, and he is offered a job in Paris, France, which he accepts. Meanwhile, Papa and Madam Mallory make amends and ultimately begin to take a romantic liking to each other.

In Paris Hassan’s cooking quickly receives critical acclaim, fueling speculation of a third Michelin Star for the Paris restaurant, he becomes an instant celebrity chef; however Hassan’s restaurant work is increasingly bogged down by thoughts of his family and Marguerite, with whom he had an ongoing romance. Ultimately, Hassan decides to return home, where he and Marguerite reunite. Proposing a business venture together, Hassan declare that he will help Madam Mallory’s restaurant earn its third Michelin Star. That evening, Hassan and Marguerite are allowed to cook dinner for Hassan’s family at Madam Mallory’s restaurant. As the two young chefs bring out the dishes for the meal, everyone looks forward to an evening of romance and fine dining.

Surprisingly Funny, Good Food, Great Cast

I knew virtually nothing of The Hundred Foot Journey, before deciding to view it, other than the main premise of the film was food. So I had no expectations when I walked into the near-empty theater (it was late night Sunday after all) and settled into my cushioned, leather seat.

Papa, played by Om Puri was sensational and very funny, in a grumpy, stubborn sort of way. He was the foundation of the family and the rock on-which the kids anchored themselves to when it came to the direction the family was to take. Most of what comedy was in the film originated with him and it was fantastic.

The food was….. more than delightful. I never get tired of seeing excellent camera work, that can capture the beauty and color of food. From seeing it neatly stacked in the town market, to following it through prep and cooking to watching chefs expertly arrange it on the plate for consumption, The Hundred Foot Journey captured all that more. We saw not just French cuisine but the deliciousness of Indian food as well, with all its color and spice (I’m getting hungry just thinking about it – I may have to grab lunch at my local Indian spot now…ugh!).

The cast was stellar, from Om Puri to Helen Miren to Manish Dayal as Hassan Haji and Charlotte Le Bon as Marguerite. A wonderful story of two cultures coming to respect each other and their food traditions, mixed in with a cast that made it work. The Hundred Foot Journey is a enjoyable, heartfelt film fit for foodies the world over.

For those who have seen the film, I would love to hear your personal opinion!