cranberry apple hand pies

I wait pretty much ALL YEAR for cranberries to start showing up at corner Farmer markets and grocery stores, so when they finally show up, you better believe I’m rearing to go with another amazing Cranberry Apple Pie recipe! Or, more specifically, Cranberry Apple Hand Pies!

Now, the busy season is rolling up fast on us here at The Pie Addict, with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner. So my time in the PIE LAB has been somewhat impacted, as we prepare for the busiest pie-eatin’ season in America!

Last year (or maybe it was a little further back) I put together a Cranberry Apple Crumble. It was the first Cranberry Apple Crumble I had ever made and I think the first time I had ever made anything with fresh cranberries. The dish blew me away. And when I went ahead and made one for a few close friends, it leveled that group as well.

That was THEN and this is NOW, and today, I had hand pies on the mind!

Cranberry apple Hand Pies

Coming up with a cranberry apple pie filling process was fairly simple, especially as it concerned hand pies. I had been making a variety of hand pies all year with a dizzying number of fillings that coming up with something for cranberries and apples was fairly straight-forward.

I was challenged a bit with how sweet the pie filling should be, and after testing the final product felt I could back off a bit on the sugar. I don’t know if it was the tartness of the Granny Smith’s with the cranberries, or if I was just concerned with maybe making these a bit under-sweetened, but I had a rather ‘heavy-hand’ and thought next time I’d lighten the load some.

I took my batch to my ‘taste-testing’ team and turned them loose on them. The feedback was unanimously positive, with everyone of course loving the crust (an ALL-TIME favorite every single time!) and surprisingly loving the pie filling. After polling the group no one felt it was too sweet. And only one felt that maybe I could play with lessening the sugar just a tad to help bring out that POP from the cranberries. But all-in-all, the Cranberry Apple Hand Pies were a success.

Definitely something that MAY show up on the PIE ADDICT MENU in the very, VERY near future. Stay tuned!

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