how to store cherries

How to Store Cherries. Had a friend ask me the other day if I wanted some cherries from their cherry tree to make a pie? I wasn’t planning on making a pie anytime soon (I had just finished a blackberry not two days before with the family), but I also found it difficult to refuse such a generous offer?! ABSOLUTELY! Problem was, since I wasn’t immediately planning on making a pie, I should probably look at storing them for a little while so they don’t go bad? Question was, how?

How long do cherries last at room temperature?

First off, the cherries were dropped off at my house while I was at work, then one of the kids brought them inside and set the bag on the kitchen counter. So they had already been sitting at room temperature for several hours. Was this bad or did it matter?

News to me and now news to you! But cherries lose more QUALITY in one hour at room temperature than a day sitting chilled in the fridge.


But first, when you’re ready to store your cherries, don’t wash them. Believe it or not, the moisture from washing them before you refrigerate them, can be absorbed where the stem meets the fruit and lead to splits or spoilage.

Rinse your cherries under cold water only when you are ready to use them.

So bag ’em, seal ’em and tuck them waaaaaaay back in the fridge where its the coldest!

What Sort of container Should You Use to Store Cherries

You don’t have to go out and purchase some specialized container or storage accessory to properly store your cherries in, although you CAN, if you want. It’s just not necessary.

You can bag them up in a freezer zip lock (or several zip locks) and they should be fine.

Try NOT to sit the bag of cherries next to or near, strong-smelling foods (like onions or garlic). Cherries have an uncanny ability to take on the odor of these foods which can alter their taste and hence make your cherry pie probably not taste very good. .

How to Store Cherries in the Fridge

How long do cherries last in the fridge. Once properly stored, cherries will usually stay good for about 4 to 10 days in the fridge. Yes, I know, 4-10 days is not exactly specific, since there are a lot of things you have to factor in, like how long have they sat OUTSIDE the fridge on your counter? Or how long have they been at the grocery store? Or, on the tree before they were picked? Etc.

Just make sure to periodically check the cherries for decay and remove any rotten ones immediately in order to preserve the rest of your bag. A few rotten cherries can cause havoc on the rest of your supply if left un-checked.

How to Store Cherries in the Freezer

how long do cherries last in the freezer. Cherries will last in the freezer for about 6 months, or up to a year in a deep freezer.

When packing cherries in a freezer zip lock, try NOT to pack them to tightly or full. The less you pack it the better they will freeze properly.

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