Blueberry Cream Pie

The wife was out of here late Thursday afternoon on a plane bound for warmer climates for wedding and I had Friday off (from my day job), in a desperate attempt to ‘prolong’ my three-day Labor Day weekend. And what a weekend I had planned – daughter’s soccer game Saturday morning (What I looked forward to THE MOST actually), gym time to keep the gut in check, and pie making galore! The menu? A long-overdue, Banana Cream Pie for my great friends, The Snyders and a Blueberry Cream Pie for me and the daughter.

southwest airlines
A wedding in sunny, warm San Diego? Who could resist? Off the wife went, courtesy of Southwest Airlines, to southern California, to enjoy a wedding and all the festivities and livations that went with it. Love it, happy for you, have fun, alvitazen, gazuntite…farewell! I had two solid, full days of silly craziness planned and I wasted no time getting started!

One Banana Cream Pie For You…

Banana Cream Pie
I had promised a banana cream pie for our good family friends, The Snyders back on July 4th and had yet to deliver, so this had been ‘elevated’ to priority one status for things to get done this Labor Day weekend. I wasn’t a banana cream pie fan and had frankly never tried one, which is probably why I had procrastinated so long in making it. No biggie, it was gettin’ done this weekend!

Banana Cream Pie
Not surprisingly, there were literally a million ways to make a Banana Cream Pie, and although there were many similarities, there were also subtle differences between the available recipes. One of which being that although the dish is referred to as a – Banana Cream Pie, the only thing ‘BANANA’ in it, are the slices of bananas you put in it. The cream filling is essentially a vanilla filling with a whipped topping? BOOOOORRRRRING!

I found a recipe I liked, relatively quick and simple, and made a few substitutions to suit my own ‘VISION’ of what I felt a true Banana Cream Pie should be (even though I had NEVER tried one…).

The Banana Cream Pie recipe I used was this delightfully simple one posted by Sommer at a spicey Perspective. I copied the recipe for the most except when it came to the filling, where I substituted ‘vanilla pudding’ for a banana cream pie pudding mix. The result? A VERY tasty, creamy banana-flavored filling that only added to the fresh banana slices buried within. It was both explosive and light.

Baby Girl Goes Big on The Pitch…

For those that do not know, my daughter is my life. Yes, yes, I have two older, college sons that I am very, VERY proud of, but as most dad’s can understand, a daughter always holds a special place in a father’s life.

Daddys Girl

My little girl (well…my FIFTH grade, little girl…) had an early morning soccer match with her club team, and played exceptionally well. Not surprising, but being that the game was bright and early on a breezy, cool Saturday morning, I thought her performance was better than PAR for the day. Mind you, she is a night owl and getting her to bed on time can be challenging , so she’s not always the most ‘receptive’ little girl in the early morning. After she finished her game, she was then asked to help out another team in her club who was short players, which she did and performed like a champ.

Needless to say, she was excited, happy with her performance and energized, which energized me! Great Saturday so far, and it was only 11am. Time for pie number two!

Blueberry Cream Pie Ventures…

Blueberry Cream Pie
Nothing is worse than making a pie and then sending your ‘baby’ away without ever know just how special she was? That was the feeling I felt when I made the Banana Cream Pie and then ferried her away to the Snyders for systematic devouring! And, without ever having tasted the finished dish myself. Ugh! I mean, I know I can’t eat EVERYTHING I make but I should be at least able to SAMPLE the finished product eh?

Anyways, the Banana Cream Pie was gone but the CRAVING still lingered. I had to do something!

Cream Pie
I wanted a cream pie, had already done a strawberry cream pie, so on the advice from my daughter, ‘WE’ ultimately decided on a Blueberry Cream Pie.

Cream Pie
I had made a warm and delicious blueberry pie several times over, but now, I was going to turn that idea upside down, with blueberries both ‘chilled’ and rested on a soft bed of sweet, white cream.

Again, with recipes afoot, I settled on the Blueberry Sour Cream recipe by Jamie at Jamie Cooks It Up.

Blueberry Pie
I think the thing that I have come to love about cream pies since starting on this pie making venture, is the surprising number of ways you can put the cream filling together. I have had the opportunity to make many cream pies over the course of the year and nearly all of them have been made with slight differences between. In fact the Blueberry Cream Pie, cream filling involved the mixing of cream cheese, sour cream and cool whip? Strange bedfellows indeed, but a mix that created both a delightfully ‘fluffy’ and sour-sweet compliment to the blueberry filling that rested on top.

Blueberry Cream Pie

My daughter and I couldn’t wait to dig in (what’s new right?), and when that opportunity came, we delicately shoveled out a hefty slice (one slice, mind you…), and together, DECIMATED IT, like it was the last pie on earth. Daughter – thumbs up! Looked like yet another winner to add to the staple of past winning pie dishes.

blueberry sour cream pie

It was my first time, having a ‘chilled’ blueberry topping, but it was refreshing. The blueberries, sweetened from the sugar/corn starch process, exploding in your mouth with a powerful jolt, only to be ‘muffled’ and ‘extinguished’ with a creamy, smooth smothering of sour, whip and cream cheese. Only its ‘richness’ would prevent us from scarfing down another slice, for now…

Blueberry Cream pie

A wonderful dish and one that I can’t wait to make again. If you have other similar dishes that you have made, please share in the comments below. Or, if you have had the opportunity to throw together Jamie’s recipe, I would love to hear how it turned out as well? Thank you, and we’ll see you in the Baker’s Aisle!

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