lattice peach pie recipe

The week seemed to of blown through quickly with Boise experiencing some of he weirdest weather to date, especially moving into the second week of December. Some days were cool and brisk, as one might expect while others were balmy and warm by our standards, hovering in the low sixties at the crack of dawn. With the weekend fast approaching, and not having tried my hand at any new pie dishes, I anxiously heralded warm deliciousness that was calling my name!

I had psyching myself up for a blueberry or blueberry cream pie or even something with cranberry in it, like an apple-cranberry or cranberry pear pie for quite some time, but something else nudge its way to the front of the list. Something I had longed for but being out of season, I had been forced to settle for at another time. Peach pie!

Peach Pie Recipe

My ideal peach pie has always involved using fresh peaches… not so much from the grocery store or even from the local Farmers Market but straight from the tree, picked by my own hand. I like drama, what can I say! However, given my recent experiences at using frozen organic blackberries, I was ‘sold’ on the juicy ‘AFFORDABLE’ freshness of frozen fruit – so peach pie it was.

Like most first attempts, I have always opted for recipes that were relatively simple and straight forward, so ‘sticking to my guns’, I decided I’d tackle the Peach Pie Recipe from Two Peas & Their Pod.

Funny thing is, all week I had been looking at lattice pie crust arrangements and just to spruce things up, I thought I’d ‘knock two birds out with one stone’ and not only make my first peach pie recipe but my first lattice pie crust as well!

I quickly whipped out my favorite Flaky butter pie crust recipe (I’ve really become quite adept at putting this recipe together now – It’s become almost second nature), and had two tightly wrapped discs of pie dough chilling in the fridge in record time.

Next I prepped my peach filling. I had purchased three bags of the frozen peaches, which I had thawed earlier. The recipe called for 8 cups of peaches and the three bags I had amounted to about 7 cups worth, which proved to be adequate.


The peach pie filling called for many of the usuals, a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg and a few dabs of vanilla. What caught my eye on this peach pie recipe as opposed to others was the use of corn starch in the mix rather than flour. I had become a quick believer in the use of corn starch over flour when I baked and tried a number of blackberry pie dishes. I stirred up the mixture and then made preparation to get my dough at the ready!

For the lattice pie crust I used the diagram and instructions I found here on Gimme Some Oven

lattice pie crust

I rolled out the bottom crust, poured in my peach filling and followed the instructions listed on the Gimme Some Oven website. I ended up cutting my strips of dough a bit thicker in width than I should of have and so didn’t have as many strips to layout as the recipe called for, but it didn’t turn out too bad for my first attempt.

With the lattice arrangement set out as best I could, in the oven the pie went.


peach pie recipe

I didn’t egg wash the crust so I didn’t get the golden brown I would’ve liked for a great image, but that didn’t take away from the consistently great taste I have always gotten from the flaky buttered crust.

The Peaches had great flavor every time I bit into them, though I felt the filling could’ve been just a bit more on the sweet side of things. I may add another half cup of sugar next time around. The juice wasn’t abundant, but a tad more corn starch might help in thickening it up some, but it was still delish!

A great and simple recipe, quick and flavorful, will definitely put this in the recipe book and on the burner for another go-around!

David Lawyer

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