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My Pie Baking Extraordinaire Mom Amazes at Office Farewell Party. If you don’t already know, my pie baking mentor and wonderfully-talented mother, will be relocating (permanently) to my neck of the woods, up from the great state of Texas. Today, in fact, was her last day on the job. But the staff there had one final request of her. To see if she could bring into the office, some of her delicious homemade pie recipes for a ‘send-off’ none would soon forget. How could she refuse?!

Several days prior to the BIG OFFICE FAREWELL PARTY, Mom would be burning the ‘midnight oil’ getting pie crusts and other materials and ingredients together. Space around the kitchen would also prove to be challenging as she enlisted the help of her husband, George, to help organize and make space around the kitchen and inside the refrigerator.

office farewell party
Office Farewell Party

She put her skill and talent to the test – mixing ingredients, rolling pastry, baking and repeating, over long hours and well into the night (which by itself is amazing being that she usually crashes out early, especially during the weeknights).

In the end, she single-handedly churned out Cherry Pies, Apple Pies, Triple Berry Pies, Louisiana Key Lime Pies and Strawberry and Cream Pies. Then after packaging and wheeling them all in, creatively arranged them for immediate consumption, by hungry and eager staff.

It was no surprise the pies were an absolute hit, which probably left staff wondering what they could do to keep my mom around for a little bit longer!

From what I understood, the pies did not disappoint (especially the apple and cherry, as well as the crust…OH THE CRUST!), and within no time, word had filtered throughout the building that there was pie to be had!

The Office Farewell Party, was no doubt a success. You done good, ma! Now hurry up and make your way to Boise, cause the pie baking is JUST GETTING STARTED!

David Lawyer

Hopelessly addicted to all things pie, from cream pies, to fruit pies, savory pies, and anything else even remotely close like tarts, galettes and beyond! Also be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter for even more great recipe ideas!


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  1. The pies were delicious and it ws a joy to work with your mom, will miss seeing you around. Good luck in your new career!

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