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Starting a Bakery, Delivery and Catering Business is No Joke! It’s been some time since I made my last post to the Pie Addict blog, now aptly named – THE PIE LAB, and for good reason! I have FINALLY, after so many years of pondering a move like this, made the precarious leap into starting my own business. And, for such a monumental undertaking, I chose to open up my pie bakery delivery and catering service during arguably, THE BUSIEST PIE SEASON of the year – the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Trial by fire doesn’t even begin to describe the challenges ahead.

“An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down…”

I’ve always been a relatively cautious individual. Always opting to make sure I have a strong and solid plan in place before jumping into ANY decision I make. This has proven to be both a blessing and a curse, as I tended to be a non-risk taking procrastinator. Sure planning is great, but not when you are constantly waiting for all your ‘ducks to get in a row’ and ultimately never end up doing anything. Sometimes the ‘sink or swim’ mentality is the best way to go if you need that extra ‘push’ to follow your dreams?

So in I went, feet first, throwing fear to the wind and determined to see this through, starting a bakery, hit or miss! You never truly know if you can DO A THING, until you try to DO A THING, right?


From determining the ‘Fall and Holiday Menu’ to trying to get delivery services up-and-running to figuring out how to accept various forms of payment and beyond. The process has been challenging, illuminating, frustrating, challenging (Did I already Say That?!) and fulfilling.

The trials and tribulations at having to figure out every little thing in getting a business off the ground is balanced out when you make that first and subsequent sale and realize, I’m doin’ it?! I’M SWIMMING MA!!!

I can’t go into everything I’ve done, figured out, missed, screwed up or got right the first time around, just yet, as I’m still trying to move things forward and deal with the next speed bump, in starting a bakery and delivery business. But please continue to re-visit the PIE LAB, as I will be documenting it all, in the hopes that maybe…just maybe, my struggles and experiences can help the next enterprising soul! Just remember, it’s never too late to act on your dreams!

And lastly, for those currently in the Boise, Idaho area, I do encourage you to check out our menu of delicious pies, AVAILABLE NOW. And if you have any questions to hit us up at

David Lawyer

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