Although my hopeless addiction to pie has been virtually over a lifetime, my recent ‘preoccupation’ with learning to make and bake my own pies has led me to another infatuation, and that is to acquire and become expert at any and all kitchen tools, utensils and devices that can aid me in addressing my current flaky crust, fruity additions. You can then imagine my delight when Sur La Table opened up one of their newest boutique right here in my own backyard!

Sur La Table – The Art and Soul of Cooking has really out-done itself with its newly, minted shop at the Village at Meridian. To say that I felt as a kid in a candy store would be a dramatic understatement. To put this into better perspective, I love books. I can spend literally hours browsing and ‘loitering’ in Barnes and Nobles. The book store is my ‘happy place’ on Earth. I wish I could own a book store just so I could have the pleasure at working in it every day. Sur La Table could easily trump my love of bookstores. The mere experience at walking through those glass doors, and in and among the maze of shelves and floor displays of kitchen Heaven was more than I could have possibly imagined or prepared myself for.

Maybe it was, up until a couple years ago, I could’ve accompanied my wife into a kitchen store and thought nothing of it. My face most likely buried into the digital display of my phone and the latest Facebook post or tweet, oblivious to the shiny, stainless steel craftmanship of latest Kitchenaid mixers and blenders. But after my new-found ‘religion’ in pies, and the process and tools that go into making them, I could not help myself, but to stop and gawk at virtually every display in the store.

It didn’t matter what it was.

I went through bake-ware and cookware, mixers, blenders and slow cookers. Pie dishes, pastry mats and utensils. I instantly went from just wanting to get the latest and greatest in tools I’ll need for pie-making to wanting to design and fashion the ultimate kitchen. It was both fun and entertaining, and although I didn’t walk out empty-handed, I swore to myself that I would be back and better prepared to pack my shopping basket to a point of silliness. What did I buy?

Pastry Mat

The days of chasing my wax paper around the kitchen counter as I roll out my dough are over! The Sur La Table nonstick silicone Pastry Mat, complete with charts to help guide you as you prepare your pie crust for the appropriate pie dish. Nice!

In addition I was also able to obtain the latest calendars of up-and coming cooking courses being offered by Sur La Table, to which I immediately began highlighting the courses I would very soon be signing up for, most notably being the Pie & Tart Workshop being offered in October. Oh the future is looking bright!

David Lawyer

David Lawyer

Hopelessly addicted to all things pie, from cream pies, to fruit pies, savory pies, and anything else even remotely close like tarts, galettes and beyond! Also be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter for even more great recipe ideas!


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