How My AllRecipes Blackberry Pie Turned Out…

Right on the heels of my cherry pie over the weekend, I was anxious to try a relatively simple Blackberry Pie recipe I came across on by Michelle Verdiere. I eat a lot of apple pie but blackberry is my favorite and I’ve been itching at finding the perfect blackberry pie recipe for me. So how did this one turn out?


As I said, the ingredients to this dish are straightforward and relatively meager:

  • 4 cups fresh blackberries (I used frozen blackberries from the local grocer)
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 recipe pastry for a 9 inch double crust pie (I made my own – Buttery, flaky pie crust)
  • 2 tablespoons milk (I substituted for an egg wash)

Short and sweet. perfect for my first attempt at my first Blackberry Pie.

Let’s Talk About The Process…

I went and grabbed a few bags of frozen blackberries (image above) at the local grocery store instead of the fresh ones. I had been wanting to try using frozen fruit (especially since I’d like to bake a peach pie soon and have no patience to wait for Summer for fresh peaches). Plus I had read somewhere that frozen fruit could be just as good, if not BETTER than fresh fruit, so frozen fruit it was. I need 4 cups of blackberries and wasn’t for sure how many bags I needed so I got four bags. Turns out 2 bags of this particular brand, covered my 4 cups so I had frozen blackberries for another day! SCORE!

I’d become pretty adept at whipping together Annalise’s Foolproof Flaky Pie Crust so I hurried along and got that put together and in the fridge to set.

Next, I followed the recipe to the letter – Here is the video to the Blackberry Pie

blackberry pie

Please note, that instead of washing the crust with milk, I used an egg wash. Why? Again, I saw this as another opportunity to try using and egg wash, which I had never done before. It turned out to be a life changing gamble and one that I will probably continue to use from here on out!

blackberry pie

I baked the pie as specified – 15 min at 425 degrees, then bring it down to 375 20-25 min (I opted for 25).

I could smell the pie bubbling up that blackberry aroma from every room in the house. It was marvelous!

When the timer went off, I promptly removed the lightly-browned blackberry pie from the over and set it on the cooling rack for devouring…er..sampling later.

blackberry pie


Not bad for my first attempt but I could definitely do better. No, strike that! I definitely WILL do better next time around, but don’t get me wrong, this pie has some serious promise!

blackberry pie

The egg wash on the crust was a brilliant move, and like I said, an addition I will make to every pie recipe I make from here on out (if it makes sense, of course). The egg wash helped ‘flake’ up the crust even more than it had before and it was so freakin’ delicious, don’t even get me started.

The pie was very juicy when I first cut into it, not that I’m complaining. It was a little on the ‘cloudy’ side, most likely from the flour in the mixture, so not sure if that’s normal or not. The blackberries were soft, juicy and tart, which when mixed with the sweetened juice created a wonderful taste.

The crust on the bottom (which I had egg washed as well per the video…), was also very good, although it was softer than usual which meant I could of baked it a little longer. The top crust edges were well-browned but the middle of the pie was lighter. Again, I could of probably baked it for a little longer. Ten minutes more maybe? I will try this the next time around. Not sure why it was that soft, though my first guess was that maybe I had it ‘thicker’ than what was in the original recipe?

The Blackberry Pie recipe was delicious. Again, there are a couple things I will change when I do it again, but this is definitely a recipe I will continue to fall back on in the future. Two big thumbs up for me!