6 July 4th Pie Recipes to Liven Up Your Festivities

How is this NOT a thing already? Patriotic Pie on the 4th of July?! Ouch, I actually like the sound of that? My stash of gathered up July 4th Pie Recipes is bursting at the seams and ready to spill out onto computer displays across this great nation of ours.Not to get into Politics on my beloved PIE ADDICT, but whether you’re for or against the President of the United States, please, please, PLEASE tell me you still love this great country of ours?! And what better way to liven up the festivities than to dig into these July 4th Pie Recipes from kitchens across the states!

July 4th Pie Recipes


Fresh summer berries and a flaky butter and almond crust create a delicious patriotic pie.

Recipe here

JELL-O Easy Patriotic Pie

JELL-O Berry Blue and Strawberry Flavor Gelatin with graham cracker crust

Recipe here

Miss American Pie

Celebrate Fourth Of July with this sweetheart: Miss American Pie, made with fresh berries and a crispy crust!

Recipe here

Patriotic Pie

A star-studded, patriotic triple berry pie. Don't forget to top with ice cream!

Recipe here

Summer Berry Cream Cheese Pie

a cool and creamy no-bake, red, white and blue berry cream cheese pie with graham cracker crust.

Recipe here

Blueberry Pie

A rich tart filling in a flaky butter crust, complete with America's stars!

Recipe here

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