Pie Addict’s First National Pie Day 2015

Today is National Pie Day in America, and it is the first National Pie Day for The Pie Addict! As always there’s so much I want to do and STILL have to do to truly become the Pie Master I hope to be, so what project to plan this weekend in honor of National Pie Day 2015! hmmm…

My goal as I’ve stated before in this journey was to master making fruit pies, then on to cream pies and finally make my way to savory meat pies like chicken and beef pot pies. My daughter has eagerly sought to influence my decisions as to what pie should come next and being that I am still engaged in the ‘fruit pie’ phase of the plan she has vehemently opted for a Strawberry Pie every waking chance she gets. I have countered her ‘demands’ with a short and direct ‘Summer time’ answer, although I am leaning more and more towards maybe trying to throw a Strawberry Pie together only because a special moment like National Pie Day DEMANDS special sacrifices!

The Strawberry Pie recipe at Try Anything Once has caught my eye, and it may well be the one I will tackle come the weekend, but before I move this direction I’d like to know what others are thinking for National Pie Day 2015? What’s YOUR big pie baking project for this special weekend?