3 Pies Baked in Two Days! Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! Pi (π) is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and is a constant number, meaning that for all circles of any size, Pi will be the same. The diameter of a circle is the distance from edge to BLAH BLAH BLAH!! What Pi(e) Day really means, is that today is just another excuse to make, bake and devour delicious PIE without a care in the world! So that’s just what the Hell I plan to do! Happy PIE Day everyone! Now let’s take a look at what I’ve been baking for the last two days!

I have been so damn busy with so many other projects that some of my REAL passions have fallen by the wayside – The PIE ADDICT included. Oh, I’ve been experimenting with and trying my hand at various recipes both pie-related and not, but just haven’t had the time to talk a whole lot about the challenges and disasters I put myself through. In any case, I’m back now and what better day to tackle my favorite subject – PIE, than a day like today – Pi DAY!

First up – A Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie

Over the past weekend, I managed to squeeze in some ME-TIME in the kitchen (Wife was out and about around town, daughter was keeping to herself in her room, boys were at work, dog – laid out, basking in the warmth of the sunlight that spilled through the back windows), and tackle a pie project I had been so eagerly waiting for the opportunity to try – A Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie.

Who doesn’t like a good Cinnamon Roll? Now think about a warm, sweet (but tart) apple pie? Now put both of these awesome creations together? I’m telling you, you can’t imagine what that would taste like, and neither could I, but I really really wanted to! So I just happened to come across a quick and easy recipe on BUZZFEED on a recent article titled – You’ve Been Making Apple Pie Wrong This Entire Time. The recipe list was surprisingly short and a neat video accompanied it:

Now, I will be the first to admit to myself that I am really just an amateur when it comes to baking and pie making, so it was surprise that mine did not turn out the way it should have. Nor was it as simple (for ME anyways…) to put together. But I will tell you this, what I did taste was amazing! Indescribable! And I will definitely be making this again here in the next few weeks, now that I have TRIED to do it once and know now what I need to do to perfect my process.

Just a few things I FAILED on and will do better next time around:

  • Crust. Rolling out the cinnamon rolls (as seen in the video) was a bit more challenging to me than the pro in the video. The ‘sticky’ nature of the cinnamon roll slices gave me issues, sticking to my rolling pin and the rolling mat. I used flour per the video, however I had to use MORE than what they used, which created sort of a mess.
  • Baking. The baking time used in the video recipe was not remotely close to how long I needed to bake mine for (and this could be because I was using an older oven?). I have to bake, maybe another 20 minutes beyond, to get my top crust brown, and as I mention below, even this added time was not nearly enough. The apples also could have used even a little more time.
  • Pre-Bake. The bottom cinnamon roll crust layer was uncooked and gooey. Even after baking mine for another 20min or so, the bottom crust was a mess. Could be from a variety of things, including the juice from the apples. I’m not sure, but I have some ideas I may try the next time around. So the pie wasn’t really edible (at least all the way the down to the bottom crust). I am thinking I may consider ‘pre-baking the bottom cinnamon roll crust just to make sure? We’ll see…
  • Pie Filling. Also, I may have put a little too many apples in the pie? I tend to go heavy )or, heavier) on the pie filling and this may have attributed to the bottom crust not baking. Will learn to follow directions a little closer in the future!

Here are some images from my own attempts:
happy pi day

Happy Pi Day

happy pi day

happy pi day

happy pi day

So not the best experience for me out of the gates with this one, but from what I was able to taste, this could end up being one of my signature dishes. Stay tuned for more on this!

A Fan Favorite – Strawberries and Cream Pie

A close family friend of ours, recently added a new member to the roster, a little baby boy. So in light of this most awesome of events, I through together a fan favorite, my Strawberry and Cream Pie, with graham cracker crust. It never fails to please and it has become almost second nature now, for me to through this together. So, good pie for a good cause. Everyone is happy!
happy pie day

And lastly – The Skillet Apple Pie

And finally, for Pi Day, the local Indoor Soccer Arena (of which my wife and I frequent and play at), decided to have a Happy Pie Day potluck event this evening. So I was tasked with bringing a pie, of course. The Skillet Apple Pie is both delicious and one of my largest of pie dishes, so I elected to bake it for the festivities tonight.

In a matter of days I whipped out three pie dishes and by the end of the week, I will have added to that number – making a Brownie Bottom Pumpkin Cream Pie for my lovely daughter’s twelfth birthday (as per HER request).

Not a bad few days….

Happy Pi Day everyone!

A Quick & Simple Cast Iron Skillet Apple Pie

I don’t know what it is about the weather that influences my cooking and baking decisions, but this last weekend in Boise was gorgeous, which meant one thing – BBQ!

Actually, for us, when it came to getting outside and grilling, it didn’t mater what the weather was doing. I’ve grilled while raining, snowing and sweltering, it didn’t matter one bit. But, the temps being as mild as they were, and a clear, deep blue starry night overhead, getting outside over a hot fire and burgers, with the dogs milling about, seemed just right for the moment. And, for some odd reason, when I BBQ it also makes me want to throw together a pie? heheheheh….actually we all know that’s a lie as I ALWAYS want to make a pie, I just use that as an excuse so I’m not baking every other day!

I was still riding high on last project – the Strawberry Cream Pie, which was an astounding hit, so I wanted to ride that wave a little longer before tackling another cream pie project. What to make….

Well, the wife had just recently purchased me a cast iron skillet, as I have been yearning to have one after we ‘misplaced’ our old one some years back, so I thought to myself, why not a skillet pie?

I had recently come across a skillet apple pie recipe by Michelle at The Couponing Couple about a week or so ago, so this seemed the opportune moment to try my hand at it, plus it provided a great chance to ‘season’ up my new skillet and indoctrinate it properly to my kitchen!

I had never baked a skillet apple pie but after having looked at the recipe and instructions over at The Couponing Couple, I knew right away that this was something I wanted to try because it was made different than any other apple pie I have tried.

Skillet Apple Pie
Skillet Apple Pie
I used my own homemade flaky buttered crust recipe from (Completely Delicious), that I have used for virtually every pie dish, and had that chilling in the fridge hours before I started. I had also previously picked up 7 granny smith’s (the original recipe called for 5-6 medium Granny Smith’s but because I was using a slightly larger skillet, I opted for a little more) as well.

You can find the complete recipe and baking instructions here, however I will point out that the part I found interesting was the melting of butter and mixing it with brown sugar in the skillet, THEN laying the bottom crust OVER that before dumping in your sliced apples. It was a way different method of making a pie than I have ever done, which is what intrigued me the most about this recipe. In any case, head over to The Couponing Couple for the recipe when you’re ready to bake.

How did it Taste?

The flaky butter crust was as consistent as it has always been, flavorful, flaky and perfect!

The pie was also very delicious, albeit pretty sweet. With a cup of sugar mixed in with the apples before placing in the skillet and cup of brown sugar, you can imagine how sweet this recipe is. That being said, it did have a rather unique, but brown sugar/buttery infused flavor that definitely helps this dish stand out among my other pie projects.

What Might I do differently?

Next time I ‘MAY’ cut down slightly on the white sugar mixed in with the Granny Smith’s as again, the dish was pretty sweet, but that is a personal preference. The pie was one of the most flavorful I have made and If you have an iron skillet lying about, give this recipe a whirl in it. You won’t be disappointed.