key lime pie recipe

Key Lime Pie Recipe. My task was simple. Come up with a great pie recipe to bring into the office for a co-worker’s birthday celebration. Problem was, the pie recipe I had decided on would’ve been overwhelming for the staff and productivity would’ve dropped off a cliff. I only realized this, after I taken a slice for myself this morning to test and boy-o-boy, did I dodge a potential disaster with this one!

I had never once tried my hand at Key Lime Pie and decided this would be an opportune time to try a recipe and bring it into my ‘daytime job’ office for my workmates to enjoy for the birthday celebration.

Never one to settle for overly simple or ‘plain’ and basic recipes, I decided I would use this opportunity to break the seal on that ‘elixir’ of Patrón Tequila sitting in my cabinet and put it to good use.

I found a great Tequila key lime pie recipe over at House of Yumm, that Recipe Developer and Mom, Serene, had put together and decided to roll through it.

key lime pie recipe

It was a quick and easy to follow recipe that puts everything together in no time. It was during the making of the Key Lime Recipe that I took notice of the 1/2 cup of Tequila required. I’ve made tens of alcohol-infused pies up to this point and NONE OF THEM called for so much. My excitement level instantly launched through the roof. Finally! A REAL BOOZY PIE!

True to the recipe, I whipped it all together in about 20 minutes and had it in the oven in no time. Once it finished I cooled it to room temperature, covered it up and threw it in the fridge overnight.

During the night I became somewhat concerned about bringing the pie into the office. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve brought MANY an alcohol-infused pie into the workplace, but this one felt different.

By morning I had made the decision NOT to bring the pie in and instead test it here at home. I’m glad I did!

Up, dressed and about ready to head into the office, I cut a sensibly-sized slice of the Tequila Key Lime Pie to have with my morning coffee.

The first thing that hit you when you bit into this light and fluffy dish, was the vanilla-flavored whipped topping, but that was short-lived. As you bit deeper, you started to hit the lime, custard filling and some of the graham cracker crust. But before you could settle into that, you were instantly bit back by the Patrón Tequila. And it hit hard! Taking it in as whole, you might say you just had a Margarita…..with a shot glass of Patrón Tequila as a chaser!

Key lime pie recipe

I shook my head in disbelief with each and every bite. It had such a unique flavor from any dessert I had had before and it was addicting. Like EATING a margarita and chasing each bite down with a gulp of Patrón.

When I finished I had that lingering taste of lime and Tequila and mused for an instant whether folks at the office would think that I just stumbled in from the local bar! LOL!

The Tequila Key Lime Pie was amazing, no doubt about it. And definitely something that I will definitely plan to roll-out here soon, when the Summer kicks into full-swing, and BBQ’s and outdoor get-together’s kick into overdrive.

But bringing this potent dish into the workplace might’ve been pushing it even for me, as someone who ‘pushes’ boundaries much further than intended, when it comes to BOOZY PIES and DESSERTS! I may be over exaggerating, but hey, Cinco de Mayo is coming up fast. Special days do call for special dishes right?!

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