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The Perfect Raspberry Cream Pie

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The ‘Fellowship’ (Me, The Wife and Baby Girl) didn’t have much planned for the weekend, other than taking a Saturday morning bike ride, so the next couple days were open and free for the taking! I had a bag of fresh blackberries in the freezer, courtesy of a family friend, that was just daring me to thaw them out, but I had other grand schemes! I had just baked a blackberry pie for the kids last weekend, so I was done with blackberries (for now anyways…) and decided to tackle a Raspberry Cream Pie Recipe I had been eyeing for some time.

Raspberry Cream Pie

The Raspberry Cream Pie wasn’t too tough, with a buttery graham cracker crust, cream cheese/cool whip infused cream and raspberry filling, it definitely was very do-able for this PIE ADDICT!

Raspberry Pie

I hadn’t put together a graham cracker crust in a while, always changing it out of recipes for a shortbread or cream cheese crust, but since I hadn’t thrown one together lately I figured I might as well stay in practice.

Making the raspberry filling was actually pretty cool though, as the mixture of corn starch, corn syrup and sugar, bubbling in a saucepan ‘broke’ down the whole raspberries into something consistent to a ‘jelly-like’ filling. It was great to watch it happen.

cream pie

I’ve made a number of cream pies over the Summer and each one different in the ingredients I used, which is really quite neat. Before I got into making pies and was just devouring them from Marie Callender’s or wherever, I never gave much thought into HOW exactly cream fillings were made.

This particular filling had me mixing cream cheese, cool whip and powdered sugar, and when it was done, it was a creamy smooth and sugary sweet delight!

Raspberry Cream Pie

Raspberry Pie

With the raspberry filling now cool, I spread this atop the cream now resting nicely within the graham cracker crust I baked earlier. Into the fridge it went, for several hours and then…BOOOM!!!

The cream and raspberry filling together was great. Either one by themselves would of tasted good but having the sweetness of the raspberries mingled with the cream was both explosive and smooth.

Raspberry Cream Pie

cream pie

Thanks to Holly Lofthouse and her wonderful Raspberry Cream Pie Recipe. Check out more fine recipes on her website – Life in the Lofthouse


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