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It’s been sometime since I last had a bit of free time to share with everyone what’s been going on behind the scenes with the Pie Addict! Our first ‘Trial by Fire’ during the 2018 Thanksgiving and Christmas Pie Season was a resounding success and we learned a lot about running a pie bakery with which to continue improving and building upon. So what’s in-store for 2019 at the Pie Addict?

Expanding the Menu

I’ve tried so many recipes over the years, that if I could, I’d have a menu 40 items deep! But in the spirit of having a more manageable list, our focus is on just expanding the menu to a good selection of pies that can be made year-round.

Serving pie at The Idaho Nature Conservancy

Testing out new fruit pie recipes

Fruit pies galore. The triple berry pie was an absolute hit over the Thanksgiving holidays. I mean, I knew it was good, but demand for that pie dish exceeded even my wildest dreams. And over Christmas? The Apple Pies took front-and-center. But there are oh-so-many fruit pies to be made, so our focus here is to work on familiar yet relatively unique recipes for some of the more popular fruit pies you typically see. Pie recipes like Blueberry, Raspberry, and Blackberry. These, I hope to make into a regular staple on our Pie Addict menu. But rest assured, as seasons change, we will definitely be offering these and many others. So continue to check back with us!

Adding in cream pies to the mix

When I first started on this pie baking adventure many years ago, I started with cream pies. I made strawberries and cream pies, mixed berry cream pies, brownie bottom pumpkin cream pies, oreo cookie cream pies, and the list goes on. I played with all kinds of homemade cookie crusts like vanilla wafer, oreo, lorna doone and graham cracker and toyed with fresh fruit and cream pies as well. The sky was the limit and I pushed the envelope! I so desperately want to return to making those, but in order to sell to the public, there are additional safety and regulatory hoops we are required to address because of of the diary in many of these pies. So this is something we are also looking into.

Cobblers and hand pies

Although more folks order pies than cobblers, make no mistake, we get plenty of requests and inquiries about cobblers as well. And by the time Summer rolls around, you better believe I’m going to have a crazy good peach cobbler on the menu. What about hand pies? You know? Those small, individual pastries, perfect for a sweet and delicious snack are also on our to-make list for 2019. In fact, I have already received inquiries for hand pies for Weddings and Wedding showers, so the ‘game’ is already afoot!

Establish a Delivery Service

Full transparency? I tried really really hard to have a delivery service up and running when we launched THE PIE ADDICT menu in late October 2018. Unfortunately there were unforeseen prerequisites that we needed to have in place in order to use some of these delivery services, and so we were unable to provide delivery. We were still able to schedule pickups for our customers, but I much rather would have wanted to ship our pies out. It would’ve been much more convenient to our clientele and we would have been able to bake and ship many more pies than we did. So getting this vital service up and running soon is one of our chief priorities for early 2019.

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Allow Customers to Order Pies Online

Everything is ordered online these days, and being able to order food and have it delivered is more the norm now than at any other time. I mentioned getting a delivery service up-and-running above, and this goes hand-in-hand with giving our clientele the ability to go to our website, choose what pies they want, pay and have it delivered. No different than Dominoes Pizza! Adding an ecommerce functionality to our website is no big deal, but I really want to have delivery ready to go at the same time, so once we resolve that, online ordering through the PIE ADDICT website will quickly follow suit and ready to go.

Participate in More Food Events

The busy pie season is mostly during the months of November and December with Thanksgiving and Christmas. In-between now and then, there are other smaller events and functions that we need to put more focus on. Think Birthday, work events and potlucks, Weddings, graduation parties, BBQ’s, foodie events and contests. Point is, there are a lot of opportunities for us to share with others how amazing our pies really are. We just need to proactively work at getting the word out better, that THE PIE ADDICT can be your choice for a unique and different addition to food choices offered at these special gatherings.

Working at Making 2019 One to Remember

In closing, I will leave with you this. We had a great start in 2018 and now that we know how good our pies really are, from the tremendous feedback and encouragement we’ve received, we really need to step up our game for 2019.

We know what we need to do, and we have a plan. Thank you everyone for your business and we hope to be able to continue being your dessert of choice in the coming year!

David Lawyer

Hopelessly addicted to all things pie, from cream pies, to fruit pies, savory pies, and anything else even remotely close like tarts, galettes and beyond! Also be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter for even more great recipe ideas!


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