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I should be thanking my daughter for having to travel all over the west playing soccer with her soccer club, because it gives me the opportunity to travel to and visit a variety of states and cities. Which means, ladies and gentlemen…DING DING DING…I get to visit more pie bakeries! This weekend? We’re in Phoenix Arizona! Last year when I was here, I visited Mamma Toldeo. This trip? We found our way to the Pie Snob.

Pie Snob is a small, quaint little shop, well-lit and nicely decorated, tucked in between a few more ‘run-down’ looking retailers in a small 4 or 5 store retail strip. It’s both easy to pass on the road and easy to recognize once you pull up to it.

One of the cool things about the PIE SNOB, is that they started out making pies from home and having eager customers pick up their orders from the house. Hmm…sounds like a familiar origin story! Just like the PIE ADDICT!

The shop had a few tables situated right up front next to the windows, so seating was available.

They had an assortment 6 or 7 fresh fruit and cream pies in the display window but might’ve had more, ready to serve in the back. The menu in their brochure and online lists a much wider assortment of pies to order, so don’t be fooled by what you see when you walk in.

As much as I wanted to order a whole pie or at least several assorted slices, I had to curb my PIE ADDICTION and settle for just a slice on this visit. And, since the PIE SNOB is supposedly known for their crumble toppings, I decided on a slice of the Apple Crumble.

As you can see, even a healthy-sized slice is probably enough. The crumble topping was legit, and it was heaped on pretty good so you get plenty of it. The sauce and flavoring of the apple filling was great, however I would’ve preferred to have the apples cooked a little more, as they weren’t as soft as I would like. The bottom crust was really thin and at times, you wouldn’t even think there was a bottom crust. I might’ve preferred to have that crust a little thicker as well, but besides these personal preferences, the Apple Crumble was really quite good.

Would I recommend the PIE SNOB for fellow pie addicts like myself? Absolutely! Their wide assortment of choices just dares you to visit and visit and visit some more. I won’t make way there again on this trip, but I’m sure I’ll be hitting it up again next year when we’re in town for some more soccer!

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